More details on rumoured LEGO CITY 2023 sets

More details have emerged on next year’s rumoured LEGO CITY line-up, which is said to include more Stuntz sets and a Police Academy.

That set presumably has nothing to do with the ‘80s movie franchise, and could instead be an alternative entry point into the LEGO CITY theme’s usual mix of police sets – of which there are currently said to be up to five new additions in 2023. Those also include a new Police Station and an ‘Emergency Vehicle Headquarters’, which could potentially cross over with the rumoured new fire station sets.

Beyond its typical subthemes, CITY’s 2023 line-up is also thought to include novelties like an Ice Cream Slush Truck, Gaming Tournament Truck and Auto Repair Shop – all as previously reported. StoneWars has now corroborated rumours of 24 new sets, along with piece counts for each of them, and published information surrounding a 25th set: the as-yet-untitled 60394.

LEGO CITY Stuntz 60298 Rocket Stunt Bike featured

Not much else is known about that set at this stage, beyond the assertion it’s due to arrive in January. Another 20 models will apparently be launching at the same time, while four LEGO CITY Stuntz sets are rumoured to follow in March. The biggest LEGO CITY 2023 set so far is said to be 60372 Police Academy, at 823 pieces for €89.99 in Europe.

Here’s a complete round-up of every LEGO CITY set rumoured for 2023 so far. Remember, none of these products are confirmed until officially revealed by the LEGO Group.

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
60356 Bear Stunt Bike€7.9910January 2023
60357 Stunt Truck & Fire Tire Challenge€49.99479March 2023
60358 Cyber Stunt Bike€7.9913January 2023
60359 Stunt Ramp with Dunk Challenge€19.99144March 2023
60360 Stuntz Challenge€34.99117March 2023
60361 Stuntz Challenge€89.99385March 2023
60369 Mobile Police Dog Training€19.99197January 2023
60370 Police Station Breakout€34.99172January 2023
60371 Emergency Vehicle Headquarters€64.99706January 2023
60372 Police Academy€89.99823January 2023
60373 Fire Boat€19.99144January 2023
60374 Fire Brigade Command Vehicle€54.99502January 2023
60375 Fire Station and Fire Truck€34.99153January 2023
60382 Animal Rescue Truck€9.9958January 2023
60383 Electric Sports Car€9.9995January 2023
60384 Ice Cream Slush Truck€19.99194January 2023
60385 Wheel Loader€19.99148January 2023
60386 Garbage Disposal€34.99261January 2023
60387 Off-Road Adventure€29.99252January 2023
60388 Gaming Tournament Truck€44.99344January 2023
60389 Auto Repair Shop€49.99507January 2023
60390 Compact Tractor€9.9986January 2023
60392 Police Motorbike Pursuit€9.9959January 2023
60393 Fire Truck€9.9997January 2023
60394 TBCTBCTBCJanuary 2023

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