Massive saving on 10302 Optimus Prime in first John Lewis Black Friday sale

The John Lewis Black Friday sale has launched, and there’s an opportunity to pick up LEGO ICONS 10302 Optimus Prime with a 25% saving.

It’s time for the Decepticons to quake in their… tyres, as Optimus Prime, leaders of the Autobots rolls and / or strides into view. You can build this mighty machine for a bargain price thanks to the 25% saving in the John Lewis Black Friday sale. Instead of the usual RRP of £159.99, you can pick up this incredible LEGO mech for just £119.99.

This is a terrific price, and there’s no telling how long stock will last, so don’t hang around if you’d like to add this fantastic set to your collection.

Click here to buy 10302 Optimus Prime for just £119.99


Taking everyone by surprise, the LEGO Group announced Optimus Prime earlier in the year and the set has gone down a storm with fans. Not only can you build him as both robot and truck, but he can transform between the two forms. This isn’t the usual LEGO method of taking it apart and rebuilding – no, the set genuinely transforms, just as he does in the TV series.

With just over 1,500 pieces you can build the Cybertronian as a 35cm tall robot, then swiftly convert him to truck mode to move around in disguise. When going into battle, Optimus Prime is armed and ready, coming complete with both his Ion blaster and his Energon axe. In just a few moments he can be transformed to a Freightliner FL86 and he’s away to find the next Decepticon menace.

Click here to pick up your 10302 Optimus Prime for £119.99

This is a change to pick up a great set at a fantastic 25% saving. There are no codes required, the discount has already been applied, so you can just head straight to the checkout. John Lewis offer a variety of ways to pick up your Optimus Prime set. Standard delivery is free, as is Click and Collect. Many collections points are available, or you can pick up from any John Lewis or Waitrose branch.

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