Prices revealed online for LEGO furniture from Room Copenhagen

Room Copenhagen has updated the website with prices for each item of wooden LEGO-themed furniture, as well as the availability to buy them.


We spotted pictures of the aesthetic collection of wooden furniture, each designed to look like LEGO bricks and studs a few weeks ago, but there was no indication of prices then. Now, the listings include the eye-watering cost of all the products.

The cheapest to buy is the Wooden Picture Frame in Soaped Oak, at £75.50, climbing to £83.50 if you want it in Dark Oak. The LEGO theme can be spotted in the four stud-like decorations along the top of the frame.

Next is the Wooden Wall Hanger Set, a collection of wooden hangers that also look like studs and selling for £83.90 in the lighter shade of Soaked Oak and £104.90 in Dark Oak.

The Wooden Book Shelf costs £104.90 in light brown, increasing to £121.50 if you prefer the darker shade. The products designed to look like LEGO bricks are even more expensive, with the 4×4 drawer costing £113 in Soaked Oak and £129.95 in Dark Oak. The larger version, looking like a 4×8 element, costs £167.50 in the lighter shade and £192.90 in the darker.

The prices are far from cheap, but the range does look impressively close to real LEGO bricks, in aesthetic colours. You’ll also get free shipping to the UK and most other European regions as well.

You can see the full collection for yourself here. Room Copenhagen is currently taking backorders, with an estimated shipping time of between six to eight weeks.

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