Seven new sets stomp their way into LEGO Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario is heading out on fresh adventures in a range of new set releases.

2021 has arrived on a tidal wave of newly-available LEGO sets, across a huge array of themes. LEGO Super Mario is receiving a major upgrade with seven new sets covering expansion packs, power-up suits and mystery character bags.

The three new expansion sets take Mario deep into the Soda Jungle, where toxic purple waters and a host of classic villains are waiting to ensnare him. The iconic Chain Chomp, who has been plaguing Mario since the 1980s, finally receives his brick makeover in 71381 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Set. Early reviewers have provided detailed looks at Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter, Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge and Wiggler’s Poison Swamp.

You can check out the full range of new LEGO Super Mario releases across the links below:


71380 Master Your Adventure Maker Set
71381 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter
71382 Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge
71383 Wiggler’s Poison Swamp
71384 Penguin Mario Power-Up Pack
71385 Tanooki Mario Power-Up Pack
71386 Character Packs – Series 2

Our master list covers all of the new releases from LEGO Star Wars, CITY, Creator and all other themes. You can check it out here.

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