Stay up to date with Brick Fanatics Magazine’s On Topic

Brick Fanatics Magazine’s On Topic is packed with insight, commentary, humour and graphics on the latest news, issues and activity happening in the LEGO world

There are three key sections to each issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine, the 80-page A5 print publication all about LEGO, which recently launched and is currently available for purchase at

Sandwiching the interviews, builds, projects and features to be found in each issue of the magazine are clearly defined sections – Review+, where a set review is only the beginning of the experience; Retro, where we dive deep into the rich history that LEGO has; and On Topic, where we bring a level of curiosity and creativity to all things news, event and activity-based in the LEGO world.

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Offering a rich mix of insightful reporting, inquisitive infographics and exclusive quotes, On Topic brings forward the most important agendas, presents the most interesting angles and offers understanding and detail on the most relevant issues through a considered editorial approach.

In addition, this is a section to discover facts, opinions and analysis on the latest goings on outside of the news cycle, from set releases and LEGO events, to eye-catching builds and activities from the Adult Fan of LEGO community. Q&As, top 5 lists, columns and much more will also adorn these pages.

Importantly, the depth in commentary and discussion across On Topic is matched with a smart presentation that places everything within an easily digestible format. It means catching up on all things LEGO is as enjoyable an experience as it is an engaging one.

Pick up the first issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine to see for yourself, or better yet, take advantage of our 12-issue and 24-issue subscription prices that include free postage and packaging, and guarantee your copy of every issue.

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