Three LEGO She-Hulk minifigure characters we want to see

With the recent release of the first full trailer for the upcoming series, here are three LEGO She-Hulk: Attorney at Law minifigure characters we need.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set to debut on Disney+ from August 17, bringing Bruce Banner’s cousin to both the small screen and the MCU. Jennifer Walters is a lawyer and superhero who retains her intelligence when transformed into a towering green rage machine.

The nine-episode show stars Tatiana Maslany as Walters and her jade alter ego, with Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Marvel Studios recently released a first full trailer for the series, revealing some of the other comic book characters She-Hulk will be facing off against in and out of the courtroom.

Whilst She-Hulk certainly doesn’t have the most impressive rogue’s gallery or cast of supporting characters, the footage shown so far has given us a hint of three that we want to see recreated in minifigure form:


She Hulk Titania
Image: Marvel

Played by Jameela Jamil, Titania is briefly glimpsed bursting through a courtroom wall and facing off against She-Hulk. With enhanced strength and a previous career as a superpowered wrestler, she could certainly go toe-to-toe with the jade giantess.


She Hulk Frog Man
Image: Marvel

Yes, Frog-Man. Eugene Patilio’s father was the supervillain Leap-Frog who used his inventions to, well, leap. Unlike his dad, Eugene decided to become hero instead and even teamed up with Spider-Man. Whether this D-list Marvel character will be a friend or foe has yet to be revealed.

The Abomination

She Hulk The Abomination 1
Image: Marvel

Last seen cage fighting in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Emil Blonsky (played once again by Tim Roth) appears to be captive in the trailer. We’re hoping to see him go up against both She-Hulk and Hulk, with a bigfig version of the character having previously appeared in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video games.

The LEGO Group currently has no plans for any She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sets or minifigures. However, with so many Marvel Studios shows having been released recently, it would certainly make sense for a potential new LEGO Marvel CMF to include at least some of the characters mentioned above. Right, Frog-Man fans?

Featured image: Marvel

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