Top five locations we’d love to see in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is closer than ever, and with the number of planets finally confirmed here are five locations we’d love to see given the LEGO Star Wars treatment.

5 – Otah Gunga

otoh gunga star wars
Image: Star Wars

If it seems like the list is starting off somewhat obscure, that’s because it is. Otoh Gunga was an underwater city on Naboo from the Phantom Menace that the Jedi and Queen Amidala visited to negotiate some help with Boss Nass. By name alone, even the most devoted of Star Wars fans might not recognise this location but players of the original LEGO Star Wars might recall that it was featured, but unfortunately never explorable in the original LEGO Star Wars game. Such a beautiful location would be great to see TT games tackle with not only modern-day gaming graphics but the current selection of LEGO bricks. It’s not hard to imagine each dome having their own collectable, puzzle or quest for players to take on.

4 – Crait

Star Wars Crait
Image: Star Wars

Now, this might sound like a vague selection for a Star Wars Location, but the planet of Crait has one specific feature that makes it unique in the galaxy far, far away. At first, it appears to be covered in snow but open a closer inspection, the salty surface can be seen. Salt alone isn’t quite exciting enough for a spot on this list though, but in The Last Jedi, as speeders travel forwards to do battle with the First Order, a red streak is left in the salt as the true surface of the planet is revealed. Not only would the resistance base be an interesting location to see in LEGO bricks, with its massive gate and crystal creatures, but seeing the white surface turn into a sea of red as a wave of players races throughout it is a sight that could be unlike any other in LEGO game history.

3 – The crashed Death Star

Death Star Kef Bir
Image: Disney

The Rise of Skywalker is the final release in the Skywalker Saga, and one of two films that will be seeing the LEGO Star Wars treatment for the first time in this game. With those movies alone, there are plenty of new locations for them to explore, from the aforementioned planet of Crait to the Death Star’s crash site on the moon of Kef Bir. The Empire graveyard is made up of jagged shards of the shattered space station and surrounded by an ocean of rough waves. This would be a challenging location for TT games to develop for certain, but one that could bring some huge digital LEGO structures and a veritable navy of seafaring vehicles and quests, not to mention the opportunity of exploring the ruins of the Death Star, with some LEGO charm of course.

2 – The Jedi Temple

Coruscant Jedi Temple Star Wars
Image: Star Wars

As the first of two Coruscant locations on this list, the Jedi Temple is one of the more recognisable buildings in the Star Wars universe, with the five spires peeking out above the pyramid-like structure. LEGO Star Wars fans have been asking for this location to be made in LEGO bricks for some years now, and we’ve even explored exactly how this could happen, but one definite possibility is LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. As a digital structure, it would be easier for LEGO designers to remake in bricks without having to worry about structural integrity or the model being played with. The interior could be imagined too, with the council chambers, Jedi quarters, library and plenty more all making up the grand temple. TT games might even embrace the possibility or reimagining the temple as the Imperial Palace, for when it was taken over during the rule of the Empire, but admittedly that might be wishful thinking.

1 – Coruscant Underworld

LEGO Star Wars Coruscant Underworld
Image: Odyssey Builds

Thankfully, Coruscant has already been confirmed as one of the many explorable planets in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as can be seen in the gameplay trailer. However, what has been seen so far literally scrapes the surface of Coruscant’s potential. Beneath the shining metropolis lies the seedy underworld, rife with crime and mysterious characters, as has been so excellently demonstrated in this model from Odyssey Builds. The Underworld’s potential for both LEGO builds and gameplay is arguably immense, with a labyrinth-like city ready to fill with quests and collectables. The Underworld’s portals could even provide an opportunity for gorgeous new models that see brick-built ships rising from the Underworld or diving into it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is due for release this spring and was one of the subjects for the most recent episode of the Bricks N’ Bits podcast. The game is set to have a deluxe edition available too including four DLC packs and an exclusive Blue Milk Luke Skywalker minifigure. Hopefully, there isn’t too much longer before fans are able to explore what is being called the start of a new era of LEGO games.

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