Turning LEGO Dimensions into a jukebox

A LEGO Dimensions portal has been repurposed as a jukebox that responds to different minifigures.

What can a LEGO Dimensions portal do, beyond transport minifigures into a digital world? Dennis Mellican discovered that with a bit of know-how, it can become a jukebox. He hacked the device and linked it up to a Raspberry Pi, so when a minifigure with Dimensions piece – or even a Disney Infinity figure – can change the track that’s playing.

Dimensions reads NFC tags, so it’s basically any item with a NFC tag that can interact with the device.  

Dennis has even provided tips on how fans can do this themselves and explained what inspired the project:

My 7 year old enjoys playing with LEGO and with these toys he can play his favourite songs in the old fashioned tactile way, as it was with cassettes, vinyl and compact disc. Albeit, his choice of music The Chicken Dance and the Ninja Kidz is on constant repeat.

The Jukebox Portal is also an attraction with the grown ups, serving as a novelty during visits and gatherings.

Those who want to give the project a go will need a LEGO Dimensions portal, Raspberry Pi with Python and Spotify premium account.

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