Two more brand new LEGO Creator and CITY sets revealed online

Two more recoloured or otherwise updated LEGO Creator and CITY sets have appeared in conformity statements published on

We’ve already seen a light blue version of 10271 Fiat 500 and a dark blue version of 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs, both of which are presumably coming to shelves in the near future. Now, images of two more twists on existing sets – previously revealed by the building instructions portal – have arrived online by way of the LEGO Group’s legal documents.

77940 Mighty Dinosaurs is a third variant of the 2017 Creator 3-in-1 set, this time in brown, offering a direct recolour of an existing set (much like 77941 Mighty Dinosaurs and 77942 Fiat 500). As we theorised earlier this month, multiple colourways of a single product suggests we’ll see all these sets on shelves simultaneously – even alongside the originals.

Probably more curious is 77944 Fire Station Headquarters, which is an updated version of 2016’s 60110 Fire Station (in the same colour!). There are a handful of obvious changes even from the low-res photo available in the safety documents, particularly around the right side of the structure, but for the most part it shares a very similar silhouette with its predecessor.

As revealed in Brick Fanatics’ list of LEGO sets retiring in 2021, LEGO CITY’s 60215 Fire Station is heading for the door very soon, so this could well be a replacement for that model. Why it falls under the product number sequence established by other recolours is a little more mysterious, but fingers crossed the LEGO Group will reveal all soon.

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