There’s an update on the US LEGO Minifigure Factory beta programme

If you want to order a custom minifigure from the online US LEGO Minifigure Factory, best not to wait too long.

A number of LEGO Stores around the globe have the very popular Minifigure Factory. This allows you to design a custom torso, which is printed while you wait. You can then combine it with legs, a head, hair and an accessory to create a unique character to take home with you.

Back in July, the LEGO Group launched a pilot programme for LEGO Minifigure Factory Online, which meant that even if you couldn’t get to a store, you could still get in on that custom minifigure action. Brick Fanatics took a look at it a while back and found that it could be extremely useful, although at $11.99 per minifigure, and only one per household, it was not a decision to be rushed.

Perhaps you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering whether it’s worth it, or maybe you’re sitting there surrounded by countless sketches while you close in on that perfect minifigure design. Well if that’s you, then don’t prevaricate much longer, as it’s been revealed that the US pilot will be coming to a close shortly. The last day for ordering your customised minifigure is September 9.

That’s less than a week away, so time to finalise that perfect minifigure of yourself or a loved one and get clicking.

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