Video: Infamous Pepsi ad in LEGO

Pepsi’s epic fail of an advert to promote their product promoting peace has been lovingly recreated in LEGO. Always the real thing. No wait, that’s the other one.

What can solve the sort of political unrest that prompts mass demonstrations? Not Pepsi, as the brand firmly established with their faux pas of a now-pulled advert featuring Kendall Jenner.

In the commercial, the model, who has abandoned her latest photoshoot to move front and centre of a mass protest movement, finds the opportunity to make peace with the police line-up that the crowd is faced against, by presenting him with a can of Pepsi.

The Internet and media did not take too kindly to the advert, so Huxley Berg Studios has chosen to immortalise it in LEGO form, with this faithful brickfilm recreation.


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