What’s the future of LEGO BIONICLE?

The figure-based BIONICLE plays a pivotal role in the history of the LEGO Group, but what’s in store for the future of this theme, from both the fans and the company?

With the most recent episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast covering the history of a cancelled BIONICLE game and the theme earning a renewed interest among fans in the LEGO Ideas anniversary fan vote, we can’t help but wonder what might be next for the Toa.

Those who haven’t already listened to the latest instalment of the official LEGO Games podcast might want to give it the time as hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente focus on the constraction theme of figures and warriors. A twist towards the end of the episode reveals that fans are working to finally release the cancelled game, but what else is in store for BIONICLE?

From the LEGO Group

In recent years, the LEGO Group has proved that it hasn’t forgotten the fan-favourite theme with it being included in a special anniversary contest for the 90th anniversary of the company. This fan vote will see a 2022 set be based on a theme from the LEGO Group’s past with options including Adventurers, Studios and lots more.


The end of this contest resulted in BIONICLE, Classic Space, Pirates and Castle being the choices for the LEGO Ideas team to pick from. Now, it’s up to them to decide whether or not the Toa will have another go at an official LEGO set, or if it will be up to the fans to memorialise their legacy.

From the fans

Speaking of LEGO Ideas, a rejected project would have brought back the theme as a tribute to the story of BIONICLE. While The Legend of the Bionicle never managed to become a LEGO Ideas set, there’s still hope for builders wanting a copy thanks to the BrickLink Designer Program.

Designed by Sokoda, the submission features three scenes from the multi-year narrative from the first moments on the beach to a battle of titanic proportions. You’ll be able to get the project for yourself as part of the first funding round of the BrickLink Designer Program.

Also in the future for BIONICLE is the aforementioned release of the cancelled game discussed in Bits N’ Bricks. We won’t delve too much into the history of LEGO BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui, but know that the title disappeared suddenly despite having the relevant marketing planned out.

Liam Scott, a fan of the theme and developer for the rebuilt version of The Legend of Mata Nui game was surprised to see an email containing an unfinished, unreleased version of the title arrive in his inbox.

“It was one of those things where it was just dropped into our laps with, you know, no kind of searching or anything,” said Liam on the podcast.

The rebuilt version of the game is currently in active development but the first build is available to download now. It’s not the only BIONICLE media that builders have worked to remaster, with another releasing an HD upload for one of the four movies.

We’ll keep you updated if BIONICLE does end up being chosen for the anniversary LEGO Ideas set but either way, it looks like the theme is in good hands – be it those of the LEGO Group or the fanbase.

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