Alternatives to LEGO DOTS for a customisable brick-built experience

With LEGO DOTS ending soon, there’s not going to be as many customisable sets on shelves, but you can still get your fix with these four themes. 

LEGO DOTS has been confirmed to be ending following the final March wave, which will cross over with Harry Potter. However, the LEGO Group’s range of models has no shortage of customisable models, including some intended to go on display around the home, similar to LEGO DOTS builds. 

Here are a few options for LEGO DOTS enthusiasts that want to continue their creative endeavours in the future. 

4 – BrickHeadz 

Occasionally a LEGO DOTS set features a character with customisable cube-based proportions, including 41959 Cute Panda Tray. While not as useful for storage, LEGO BrickHeadz have similar proportions and though they are mostly based on specific characters, you can still customise them with other elements.  

Alternatively, the personalisation of 40384 Wedding Groom and 40541 Manchester United Go Brick Me might offer a better starting point. 

3 – Harry Potter 

Following on from the crossover range coming later this year, LEGO Harry Potter has a few DOTS-adjacent creations to consider. The most customisable model available is 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk with plenty of minifigure parts and furniture to create rooms or scenes. 

However, the upcoming array of LEGO Harry Potter banners, including 76409 Gryffindor House Banner could be a good base for tiles and additional decorations too ready to hang on a wall or hook. 

2 – Disney  

43219 Disney Princess Creative Castles 2

As reported earlier this month, LEGO Disney has debuted the DOTS storage outside of the theme for the first time as part of their new 2023 range. 

43219 Disney Princess Creative Castles could be familiar territory for DOTS enthusiasts thanks to the tray and is customisable to boot. 

1 – Art 

LEGO Art 21226 Art Project contents

One of the closest alternatives to LEGO DOTS, and potentially the next step for those who enjoy the creative theme, could be LEGO Art. Both models based on placing tiles in patterns and with the retired but still available 21226 Art Project, there’s room for creativity too. 

Alternatively, for non-retired models, there are fan-made alternate instructions available as well as online tool for creating your own mosaics. 

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