Every LEGO Ideas set in production – February 2023

One set leaves and two sets enter in our latest update to the full list of LEGO Ideas projects currently in production, which now totals 12 individual builds.


Andrea Lattanzio’s A-Frame Cabin is now available in the simply-titled 21338 A-Frame Cabin, which takes it out of our regular rundown of LEGO Ideas projects currently being translated into official sets by the design team in Billund. That would bring the total number down to 10 still in the works – but for two more that have just been added to the list.

Both of those were given the green light earlier this week in the second 2022 review, which saw another 49 projects unfortunately rejected at the final hurdle. Each of the 51 models had racked up 10,000 fan votes on crowdsourcing platform LEGO Ideas, but their ultimate fate was in the hands of the LEGO Ideas review board.

You can check out both new additions to the list below, along with a recap of every other LEGO Ideas set coming our way in the next couple of years.

BTS “Dynamite”

LEGO Ideas BTS resized featured

Likely the next LEGO Ideas set to hit shelves (if only by virtue of being the oldest approved), JBBrickFanatic and BangtanBricks’ BTS “Dynamite” project tapped into the zeitgeist – and found instant success. We’re very curious to see how the LEGO Group will bring this one to life.

Tribute to Galileo Galilei

LEGO Ideas Galileo Tribute project

This tribute to one of humanity’s greatest scientific minds will be a gift-with-purchase at some point in 2023 (presumably), having won out in last summer’s LEGO Ideas STEM contest. The jury’s still out on how much you’ll need to spend to acquire it, though.

Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage

LEGO IDeas hocus pocus large

LEGO Ideas designer James May has already suggested that we can expect to see Amber Veyt’s Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage on shelves this year, which tracks with the typical 12-month timeline for LEGO Ideas products, as it was originally approved in July 2022.

Viking Village

LEGO Ideas Viking Village concept featured resized

Looks like the resurrection of LEGO Vikings is back on the menu, boys. BrickHammer’s Viking Village was rejected by the LEGO Ideas board at the first time of asking, but was given a second chance in a public poll last summer. The people spoke, and the LEGO Group listened: more Vikings it is.

LEGO Insects

LEGO Ideas LEGO Insects featured

José María’s LEGO Insects encompasses a pair of beetles, a butterfly, a honey bee and a praying mantis, and is to the insect population as 21301 Birds was to the avian kingdom. It’s one of four LEGO Ideas sets approved in the record-breaking first 2022 review.

The Orient Express, a Legendary Train

LEGO Ideas Orient Express featured

Trains are surprisingly brand new subject matter for LEGO Ideas, which has otherwise concentrated on roads and, erm, outer space as its primary modes of transport. Thomas Lajon’s The Orient Express was approved for production in the first 2022 review, so could land on shelves before the end of this year.

Tales of the Space Age

LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age featured

An outlier in the LEGO Ideas line-up for its diminutive size, Jan Woznica’s Tales of the Space Age should be one of the most affordable sets in the crowdsourcing theme we’ve seen in recent years. It’s perfect for display, too, so should go down very well with casual and hardcore LEGO fans alike.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70

LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX 70 featured

Minibrick Productions’ Polaroid OneStep SX-70 will become the latest in a string of LEGO sets replicating real-world objects, which already encompasses 21327 Typewriter, 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System and more. Expect it to have the same retro appeal as those nostalgic builds.

Your Family Tree

LEGO Ideas Your Family Tree 5

Ivan Guerrero – who you’ll recognise from designing the concept model for 21324 123 Sesame Street – took pole position in LEGO Ideaslatest contest in partnership with Target, which tasked builders with dreaming up family-inspired builds.

Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Dragons Keep Journeys End featured 2

The winning entry in LEGO Ideas’ recent Dungeons & Dragons contest, Lucas Bolt’s high fantasy design is a well-worked tribute to the tabletop roleplaying game. It should arrive sometime in 2024 to mark the 50th anniversary of D&D.

Red Telephone Box

LEGO Ideas Red London Telephone Box featured

The first of two LEGO Ideas projects approved during the second 2022 review, John Cramp’s ode to a British icon may seem oddly localised at first glance, but the red telephone box arguably transcends these isles in the same way as 10258 London Bus. We’re sure it’ll find plenty of fans when it eventually arrives on shelves.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

LEGO Ideas The Nightmare Before Christmas 1

Simon Scott’s The Nightmare Before Christmas passed the LEGO Ideas review at the second time of asking in the second 2022 review. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this one fast-tracked on to shelves for the movie’s 30th anniversary in 2023…

Every LEGO Ideas set currently in production – February 2023

LEGO Ideas setFan designer(s)Date approved
BTS “Dynamite”JBBrickFanatic and BangtanBricksFebruary 22, 2022
Tribute to Galileo GalileiFirecracker_June 20, 2022
Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters’ CottageAmber VeytJuly 12, 2022
Viking VillageBrickHammerAugust 17, 2022
LEGO InsectsJosé MaríaOctober 25, 2022
The Orient Express, a Legendary TrainThomas LajonOctober 25, 2022
Tales of the Space AgeJan WoznicaOctober 25, 2022
Polaroid OneStep SX-70Marc (Minibrick Productions)October 25, 2022
Your Family TreeIvan GuerreroDecember 7, 2022
Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s EndBoltBuildsJanuary 5, 2022
Red Telephone BoxJohn CrampFebruary 8, 2022
The Nightmare Before ChristmasSimon ScottFebruary 8, 2022

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