Five LEGO comic series we need from NINJAGO and more

With the announcement of Skybound Entertainment’s new LEGO NINJAGO comic books for Garmadon, we’ve got ideas for more LEGO series.

In case you haven’t heard, Skybound Entertainment and the LEGO Group revealed at Skybound Xpo that Garmadon is getting a comic series of five books starting in April 2022 from writer and artist Tri Vuong after Garmadon’s last appearance at the end of March of the Oni.

However, the reveal live stream also mentioned that other licenses and characters from the LEGO Group were explored before the development of LEGO NINJAGO GARMADON began, so here are a few that we’d love to see in future from NINJAGO and beyond.

Johnny Thunder

Starting with a theme from the LEGO Group’s history, Adventurers could be perfect for comics for a nostalgic one-off revisiting Johnny Thunder and his epic adventures.


With a variety of locations to choose from, a LEGO Adventurers comic book series could explore the stories of other characters from the theme such as Pippin Reed or even Lord Sam Sinister. However, it could also be that a series more relevant to the current portfolio of LEGO sets is more likely.

Skylor and the Elemental Masters

Keeping with the idea of basing the brick-based comics on NINJAGO, another character that could be further explored with other members of the ongoing TV show is Skylor and the rest of the Elemental Masters.

With Skylor and the other 11 characters last appearing in a major role as part of the Hunted season, as well as a cameo in Seabound, the team undoubtedly has more stories to tell and tales to dive into, perhaps in comic form.

Collectible Minifigures

With 11 years of unique characters and 21 series to explore, the LEGO Collectible Minifigures could provide a varied landscape of genres and locations for a series to explore.

Instead of focusing on just one character over multiple books, a wider Collectible Minifigures comic series could highlight one character each to explore their individual backgrounds in more detail. For example, 71029 Series 21‘s Shipwreck Survivor could even make for an excuse to parody other popular media, but with a mix of LEGO comedy.


Similarly to LEGO Collectible Minifigures, LEGO CITY also features its own cast of eclectic characters to explore, most of which have been featured already in the LEGO CITY Adventures TV series.

Expanding the theme to comics as well as TV could allow it to develop more of an evolving story, potentially to explain how one CITY can have such a wide array of climates from the Arctic to a Jungle. As an original theme, it could allow for the most creative of potential brick-based comic narratives.


Considering that the first comic partnership between the LEGO Group and Skybound will be a new NINJAGO story, another possibility for a future series could be one that delves into the past of the world, many tales of which have been teased in the show previously.

From the Serpentine War to the origins of the First Spinjitzu Master to even his arrival in NINJAGO and introduction to the Merlopians and Keepers, a prequel comic for LEGO NINJAGO could tie into future releases by exploring how they link to the in-universe history.

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