LEGO 2K Drive producer promises ‘very impressive’ collabs in the future

LEGO 2K Drive executive producer Mark Pierce promises a ‘very impressive’ future of collaborations for the brick-built driving game.

As the release date for LEGO 2K Drive draws ever closer, thoughts inevitably turn to the future of the game. It’s no secret that the creators are already planning for future licenses and partnerships. Now, an interview between Pierce and Video Games Chronicle reveals a future of possible collaborations that ‘LEGO fans [will] love’.

“There [are] no announcements about that at the moment, but I wouldn’t be shocked,” he replies, when asked about IP collaborations in. the future. “[2K Drive] is truly a AAA effort and we’re at the pinnacle of all of these different brands and everything, and the commitment from these large companies is very high.

“We have a lot of stuff I can’t really talk about now… But there are collaborations that are coming down the line, as we get to post-launch, that are very impressive. I think LEGO fans are going to love them.”

These collaborations would likely refer to properties that the LEGO Group is already partnered with, potentially even major franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, or Harry Potter. For properties this big, we would expect a lengthy wait, but if talks are already happening now, then the world is potentially LEGO 2K Drive’s oyster. Of course, that’s only speculation – but the promise of ‘very impressive’ collaborations in the future is certainly something to pique the interest of any LEGO gamer.

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