LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training review

60369 Mobile Police Dog Training is part of a line-up of new models for 2023 that aim to put the fun back into LEGO City law enforcement, but just how entertaining is scooping doggy faeces?

A whopping 21 new LEGO City sets launched on January 1, 2023, with the enduring theme revisiting such well-trodden topics as police, fire and off-road builds, plus interesting new additions in the shape of 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck and 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat.

While 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training could have been a fairly basic set aimed at younger builders, there’s plenty of fun and playability to be had with the model, with multiple mini-builds, cute animals and the LEGO Group’s continued fascination with, yes, poop. An increasingly common staple of LEGO humour, the venerable LEGO poop piece makes an appropriate appearance in a set anchored around training dogs – but there’s more to this model than shovelling faeces…

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training set details —

Theme: City Set name: 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training Release date: January 1, 2023

Price: £17.99 / $29.99 / €19.99 Pieces: 197 Minifigures: 2

LEGO: Available now

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— Where to buy LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training 

60369 Mobile Police Dog Training is available to buy directly from and in LEGO Stores, but you may be able to find it cheaper through third-party retailers. Check out the latest deals on this LEGO City 2023 set below.

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training build —

The first item you’ll construct right out of the box is the largest model included in the set, the police K9 SUV. The vehicle itself, which measures 7cm tall, 14cm long and 6cm wide, follows the tried-and-tested design of numerous four-wheeled LEGO cars and vans (we’re looking at you, 40586 Moving Truck), but it’s the overall finished look that makes for a satisfying build. Sturdy off-road tyres, a front crash bar, plus opening rear door and dropdown ramp add just enough features and functionality to give the SUV its own distinct personality. While opening side doors don’t feel like too much to ask for, the vehicle does the job it’s designed for well enough.

Also included in 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training is a small trailer that can be attached to the back of the SUV. As with the larger vehicle, there’s a fold-down ramp for easy access and plenty of room for the set’s various accessories, dogs and training equipment (more on that in a moment).

The third main element that comes with 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training is the training ground setting. Constructed atop two green plates, this item has room for a yellow seesaw, jump bar and stepping paws for putting the pups through their paces, all of which can be swapped around into multiple configurations. Whilst the mutts will certainly need a steady hand to guide them over the obstacle course, this part of the set is the one that will undoubtedly be the biggest draw for younger builders looking to squeeze as much play time out of the model as possible.

Rounding out 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training are a handful of themed accessories that add another layer of fun to the set, in the shape of flashlights, blue brushes, bones and various doggie treats, a training harness and a shovel. What’s the latter for you may ask? Why the tiny piles of poop, of course. Don’t be mistaken for thinking they’re just harmless repurposed chocolate cupcake elements. The LEGO Group seems to have been on a bit of a mucky mission to include dung into its sets recently, with 76959 Triceratops Research being another contender.

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training minifigures —

60369 Mobile Police Dog Training includes two minifigures, plus figures of a dog and a puppy. The female police officer essentially acts as the dog handler and features a dual-moulded hat with ponytail, but only has a face print on one side of her head. There’s no printing on her blue leg pieces, but there are some nice metallic accents on the character’s torso.

Of more interest is the second police officer minifigure who’s wearing dog protection gear. Again, there’s nothing on the blue legs, but a new printed torso piece combined with the arms from the Cactus Guy minifigure is a great touch. This character does have two faces as well, one winking cheekily and the other possibly worried about the mauling he’s about to get from his canine chums. Throw in a helmet with a clear visor and brown hairpiece and we reckon this minifigure is a triumph.

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training price —

Where 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training really scores big is with its price. At £17.99 / $29.99 / €19.99 this model really does offer plenty of value for money, thanks to its combination of all-round fun builds and play potential.

There’s also the ability to combine the model with other new LEGO City sets for 2023, such as 60370 Police Station Chase, 60372 Police Training Academy and 60392 Police Bike Car Chase to create a truly impressive law enforcement-based collection of builds.

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training pictures —

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training pros and cons —

Younger LEGO builders are definitely going to get a thrill out of constructing 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training and parents won’t feel like they’re getting short-changed when it comes to value for money. The sense of humour imbued into the set will probably also speak to the big kids in all of us, and it’s hard not to love the solution for the dog protection gear.

The only slight niggle we have is the lack of opening side doors on the police K9 SUV, making placing minifigures in the driving seat a little fiddly, but we’re really nitpicking what is essentially a well-rounded LEGO City build.

LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training prosLEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training cons
Robust and well-constructed SUVNot all of the training apparatus fits into the trailer at once
Plenty of play value for younger buildersSUV lacks opening doors
Packed with plenty of humorous touchesFemale police officer lacks printing on both sides of her head
LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training 47

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— Alternatives to LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training —

There are plenty of LEGO City vehicles currently available as alternatives, from smaller builds for the same price such as 60384 Penguin Slushy Van and 60283 Holiday Camper Van, right up to larger four-wheeled models including 60374 Fire Command Truck and 60324 Mobile Crane.

— LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training?

LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training takes about an hour to build all of the various elements of the model.

How many pieces are in LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training?

LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training includes 197 pieces and two minifigures, a dog and puppy figures, plus multiple accessories.

How big is LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training?

The police K9 SUV included with LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training measures 7cm tall, 14cm long and 6cm wide. The trailer is approximately 4cm tall, 10.5m long and 7cm wide.

How much does LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training cost?

LEGO City 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training retails for £17.99 in the UK, $29.99 in the US and €19.99 in Europe, and is available now from LEGO.comLEGO Stores and third-party retailers.

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