LEGO Education grows the Master Educator Program

Now entering its second year, LEGO Education is celebrating success with its growing Master Educator Program.

A new cohort of Master Educators has been inducted into the LEGO Education scheme, which launched last year. This brings the total number of education professionals in the Master Educator Program to over 200 people, covering 39 US states.

“As educators, we teach our students about the value of collaboration and teamwork. Those skills are just as valuable to us, and the community created within the LEGO Education Master Program shows how working together can mean better outcomes for all of our students,” said 2018 LEGO Education Master Educator and teacher Rebecca McKeithen. “I’m constantly learning new things from my peers that I would miss out on without a program like this. As a Master Educator, I benefit from the professional development and ultimately my students do too.”

The program allows professionals to network and share best practice, with the goal being to enhance teaching and allow children to have more opportunities for hands-on learning. Research has demonstrated that children can increase their confidence in a variety of subjects through their own investigation and applying skills.

“Students have been taught to regurgitate information instead of how to work through problems, try new things and, most importantly, fail a few times,” said middle school technology teacher and new 2019 LEGO Education Master Educator Dan Thomas. “As a LEGO Education Master Educator, I’m excited to bring the joy and excitement of playing with LEGO to the classroom. It truly is applicable to any class, grade level or curriculum.”

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