Rumours of a new LEGO Fairground Collection set may have been exaggerated

Rumours of a brand new addition to the

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Fairground Collection in 2021 may have been false or otherwise inaccurate.

Back in May, reports emerged that product number 10291 would be attached to a new Fairground Collection set, with a corresponding price tag of just $99.99. That would have been $50 less than the previously-cheapest Fairground Collection model, 2014’s 10244 Fairground Mixer, and would therefore have been the smallest addition to the range yet.

However, new information states that

10291 will actually be based on Netflix’s reality TV show Queer Eye, consisting of a buildable apartment space in the same format as and . If that rumour pans out, it means the expected Fairground Collection set will either carry a different product number, or may just not exist at all.

Queer Eye Netflix apartment featured
Image: Carin Baer/Netflix

The price point across both rumours has remained consistent – $99.99 / €99.99 – suggesting that it’s more firmly attached to the product number rather than the identity of the set, and this one could therefore really go either way.

Supporting evidence does seem to point more heavily to Queer Eye, though, including Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton’s tease that the new hairpiece in

will appear in another set in 2021. The blue element seems like a perfect fit for Tan France’s hair (with a quick recolour, obvs).

This also wouldn’t be the first time rumours have incorrectly attributed a product number to a specific set that’s then failed to materialise, and is really just a great demonstration of why nobody should put too much stock in any of these reports until otherwise confirmed by the

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You can catch up on the current Fairground Collection right now at

, including last year’s and the retiring-soon .

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