The LEGO Group is offering free VIP points to everyone right now

Free VIP Points are waiting for you on the official online store, with a survey that may be teasing a potential future service from the

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To earn these points, all you need to do is head on over to the VIP Rewards Centre and log on to your account, from the ‘Get more points’ page you should see an option to fill in a survey. At the end of that survey, the 50 free VIP points will be added to your account in time – No purchase necessary.

The survey itself includes the usual questions about your spending habits and interests, with no personal information necessary. However, the final section revolves around the possibility of brick-based subscription packages, with everything from limited-edition products to personalised catalogues included in the options.

LEGO Subscription package survey October 2021

While the presence of these questions in the survey might suggest that the

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Group is testing the waters for a possible subscription service, the details listed in the table above may differ from what you see when completing the study and nothing has been confirmed regarding the future.

50 points alone won’t score you a hefty discount on your next purchase or an exclusive reward, but they will go towards your total as VIP WeekendBlack Friday and Cyber Monday approaches with savings and offers to be had.

To further increase your VIP credit, the official online store is also presenting double points on a

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set for this month only.

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2 thoughts on “The LEGO Group is offering free VIP points to everyone right now

  • 08/11/2021 at 08:36

    I feel if your to do something like this,there should be a retainer fee….if you spend enough in a month (lets say $20) in legos you get the beniefits next month. so your always spending ahead so if your a designer like me,you want the beniefits not to stop.


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