New working LEGO PAC-MAN arcade cabinet is also an accurate model

The newly revealed 10323 PAC-MAN Arcade may be one of the most unique LEGO Icons sets to date, but how accurate is it to the real thing?

The focus of the first PAC-MAN set is definitely on the main function (it doesn’t feel right to call it a ‘play feature’ in an 18+ set), which allows PAC-MAN and the ghosts to move throughout the maze. The feature looks super smooth and is impressive enough on its own, but the LEGO Group went the extra mile and attached it to a classic-looking 80s arcade cabinet.

While the intention of the set isn’t to perfectly re-create the arcade cabinet, we think it’s worth a comparison anyways, so let’s take a look.

From an initial overall look at both the real-life cabinet and the LEGO version, there isn’t much to complain about. Obviously, the LEGO version is going to be smaller. The whole bottom half is cut out, but the top with the screen and the controls is the interesting part anyways. The shaping is done well, and the colours are accurate – the red trim on the real-life cabinet has actually been blue and black on other versions of the machine, so the black on the LEGO model holds up.


From this angle, the only two things that are noticeably different from the original are the size of the graphic on the side and the location of the coin slot. Both of these discrepancies are explained by the missing lower half, though, and their inclusion is very welcome despite the inaccurate size and placement.

The control panel is one of the most accurate sections of the model, as shown above. The red directional arrows and blue box surrounding the joystick are represented faithfully, as well as the graphics on either side. The white buttons to select one or two players are also present. The only thing that seems to be missing is the blue text that says “move” under the joystick, but it’s not the most important detail.

The LEGO Group really knocked it out of the park with this set. A working PAC-MAN maze function would be enough, but it fits inside a surprisingly accurate-to-life model of an 80s arcade cabinet. Here’s hoping more Icons sets in the near future continue this trend of high quality.

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