LEGO Jurassic World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport review

Unlike the Jurassic World film series, tie-in LEGO sets like 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport take a simple concept and make it great.

Has there ever been a series of films to deliver such an unintentional but eloquent metaphor for their own disastrous, engorged attempts at commercialised entertainment as the Jurassic World movies?

Shallow in story, character, logic and credibility, the movies have served up monsters of modern cinema, through both ridiculous box office numbers and messy films. These movies have tried to continue the original Jurassic Park story about man’s conflict between doing what’s best and prioritising commercial gains and what happens when the wrong choices are made, but they have only served as the exact embodiment of what their confusing storyline was trying to pass comment on. 

And yet, we can’t stop buying LEGO Jurassic World sets. For the absurd and hard-to-digest nature of the films, the accompanying LEGO sets continue to be generally brilliant, and 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport serves as the latest example of why.

— Set details —

Theme: LEGO Jurassic World Set name: 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport Release: April 17, 2022

Price: £39.99 / $39.99 / €44.99 Pieces: 254 Minifigures: 3 Dinosaurs: 2

LEGO: Available now

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— Build —

While having to walk a tightrope between high prices and great LEGO design – thanks in no small part to the expensive moulds for the included (and often single-set-exclusive) dinosaurs – the LEGO Jurassic World sets have benefited greatly from what the movies they are based on have failed to grasp: a simple approach.

The films may throw so much at you that you don’t know where to look, but the very best LEGO Jurassic World sets stick to a simple and effective formula – base a scenario around one or two well-designed dinosaurs, include a character or two to chase, and set them all in and around either a decent vehicle or location.

There’s not much more than that required to make an effective LEGO Jurassic World set, and it’s why, into our seventh year of this LEGO theme, it’s a formula that persists. It’s also why, regardless of how Jurassic World: Dominion turns out in cinemas, sets like 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport appeal so much.

The stars of this mid-range set are of course the two included dinosaurs, both of whom are inspired by real-life creatures, even if Jurassic World’s creative direction has rather muddied the waters there. The Dilophosaurus included is nigh-on identical to the one from 2019’s 75934 Dilophosaurus on the Loose, coming in at the reduced scale and shaped from a single dual-moulded piece, bar the lower portion of the jaw. It’s a slightly more accurate size for the creature, even if it comes complete with fictitious gills carried over from Jurassic Park.

Meanwhile, the Pyroraptor is more surprisingly also based on a real dinosaur, one that was discovered only relatively recently. Its design in LEGO form is very colourful, although perhaps twice the size it should be in comparison to a minifigure. As with the Dilophosaurus it is a single dual-moulded piece with only the ability to open and close its mouth.

Together, the dinosaurs are a colourful and wonderfully-designed pair that give the set the vibrancy and ferocity that any strong Jurassic World set needs.

Alongside them are three characters and a 4×4 truck. The vehicle is built on a six-stud-wide base but comes in at eight to 10 studs wide thanks to the wider mid-section, mudguards and wheels, with a build that very closely mirrors the truck from 2019’s 75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt. It’s a strong and grounded design that brings a much-needed sense of realism to the theme, thanks also to a tan, dark tan and black colour scheme, complete with subtle Biosyn Genetics branding.

The cabin of the vehicle seats two minifigures, while the back opens up and contains a satellite device of some sorts. In tow too is a trailer capable of holding either of the included dinosaurs.

As mentioned, Jurassic World sets aren’t the most complicated. 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport includes two dinosaurs, a 4×4 and three minifigures – every individual aspect in design is top quality and they all come together to create the type of set that just so instantly appeals to every eight-year-old (and inner eight-year-old for those of us now older).

— Characters —

Three minifigures are included in 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport and for the quality of the build and the dinosaurs it would not have mattered who they were. Except, two are specific, named characters carried over from the original Jurassic Park series into the third Jurassic World film. Even if their roles are far reduced this time out, both Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm are highly desirable and collectible minifigures, so to have both in a relatively cheap set is an unexpected bonus.

— Price —

Coming in at £39.99 / $39.99 / €44.99 prices 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport surprisingly fair for 2022. The design across the board is top notch and the potential for fun and play is so very clear here. There’s much to love about this set and great value to be seen in that price.

— Pictures —

— Summary —

76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport follows the same basic formula as other successful LEGO Jurassic World sets: create some high-quality dinosaurs and give them some minifigures and either a vehicle or location to cause chaos in and around.

Every aspect to this set is skilfully designed and – let’s be honest, as some of it is directly borrowed from 2019 – not even wholly original. It comes together for a simple but effective LEGO set that delivers in every way a set at this price should be able to.

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— FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Jurassic World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport?

It takes 30 minutes to put together 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport, across three sets of numbered bags.

How many pieces are in LEGO Jurassic World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport?

There are 254 pieces in 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport, including three minifigures for Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and a Jurassic World guard, and Pyroraptor and Dilophosaurus dinosaurs.

How big is LEGO Jurassic World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport?

The truck in 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport is the tallest part, measuring 8cm tall and, with the trailer attached, 23cm long. The Dilophosaurus is 5.5cm tall and 9cm long, while the Pyroraptor is 4.5cm tall and 10.5cm long.

How much does LEGO Jurassic World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport cost?

76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport is priced at £39.99 in the UK, $39.99 in the US and from €44.99 in Europe.

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