Three unrevealed LEGO CITY and Creator sets discovered at

Three more unrevealed LEGO CITY and Creator sets have appeared on the LEGO Group’s building instructions service, including a potential third colourway for 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs.

We already know that at least one alternative colour option for the 2017 Creator 3-in-1 set is on the way, swapping out the original green for dark blue. That variant will be 77941 Mighty Dinosaurs, and a grainy image is already available here. It may not be the only one, though, as 77940 Mighty Dinosaurs has also appeared on’s building instructions portal.

Two products with the same name (but identical numbers) suggests the new versions may in fact be planned to sit side-by-side on shelves, presumably with 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs. By extension, it could well be that 77942 Fiat 500 – a light blue version of 10271 Fiat 500 – is also intended to be sold simultaneously with the original yellow vehicle.

LEGO CITY Creator Building Instructions 2021

Curiously, another pair of products that follow the same product number sequence are currently listed on the building instructions page, but neither appears to be an alternative version of an existing set – at least going by their product names. 77943 Fire Station Starter Set and 77944 Fire Station Headquarters are sure to be CITY sets, but any further details on their release are unavailable right now.

We probably won’t have to wait too long for more info, though, as a set appearing on the building instructions portal is usually a precursor to its imminent reveal. We’ll keep you posted.

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