WATCH: LEGO SDCC-exclusive minifigures are no more

They came, they saw, they cost exorbitant amounts of money on the aftermarket – and now, SDCC-exclusive LEGO minifigures are reportedly no more.

What’s that? We’ll no longer have the chance to spend almost £10,000 on a single minifigure? Oh no! Anyway… while SDCC-exclusive minifigures are coveted by a select few collectors – primarily those after the rarest of the rare, with the budget to match – the rest of us will likely be happy to see the back of them.

That day has now finally come – at least according to recent reports, the details of which you can learn by checking out our latest YouTube short. It’s a succinct, bite-size video summary of everything you need to know about the latest San Diego Comic-Con development, so stop reading these words (that’s kind of the point) and hit play.

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Good News: SDCC exclusive minifigures are no more!

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In the meantime, head here for the virtual SDCC 2022 experience – which is equally free of exclusive minifigures – and click here to check out the 10 most valuable SDCC-exclusive minifigures to date. (Spoilers: three of them are Spider-Man. Three!)

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