10292 The Friends Apartments is available for everyone to buy now

From today, you can bring the Friends gang home with you by buying 10292 The Friends Apartments.

The LEGO Group has stepped it up a gear from last year’s 21319 Central Perk with another Friends set that’s twice the size and twice the fun. It’s the latest addition to the 18+ range and is perfect for Friends fans looking for something new to display.

With little references from throughout the 10 years of the show’s runtime, the set doesn’t stick to any particular time period within the show. Instead, there are fun jokes to spot from practically every season, from Joey and Chandler’s canoe to Phoebe’s horrifying 3D painting. Click to read more about all of our personal favourite references – as well as a few we think they missed.

LEGO 10292 Friends Apartments 29

The designers have also brought in a new minifigure altogether, with the introduction of Janice. Thankfully, the minifigure doesn’t make a sound, so you can appreciate her enormous hair-do without being subjected to her honking laugh. We’ve also pinpointed exactly when and where in the show each minifigure design came from here.

You can pick up 10292 The Friends Apartments in store and online for £134.99 / $149.99 / €149.99. If you’re keen to find out more before you buy, check out our review here.

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