A new LEGO NINJAGO video series is now over, or is it?

The LEGO NINJAGO vlog series is now over with the release of episode four, but is the LEGO Group teasing that the new technology might reappear in the future?

The LEGO Group’s latest experiment which blends real actors with animated minifigures has been a new experience for builders who may be used to stop motion or CGI bricks. The series of ninja vlogs have now ended, a little later than the initial press release suggested, with the fourth episode. As usual, a teaser has been released to entice you into watching.

For those unfamiliar with these videos, they tell the tale of Nya and Jay exploring the mysterious island from one of the latest waves of the theme. From static models to wild dragons, the LEGO Group has thoroughly demonstrated this new technology in the form of four ninja vlogs.

The description for the last episode suggests that the LEGO Group intends to pursue this new animation style even further as it clearly states that the series is only over for now.


Could we see this idea expanded to future seasons of NINJAGO or even other themes? We’ll have to wait and see but it makes for some exciting possibilities with potential videos ranging from Star Wars to Seabound.

You can recreate the ninja vlogs for yourself with the new sets but the last episode specifically focuses on 71747 The Keepers’ Village, which we explored ourselves in a full review.

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