How to build a custom LEGO Star Wars Droideka

Learn how to build up your army of destroyer droids with this exclusive custom LEGO Star Wars Droideka model.

Since first rolling on to cinema screens in the opening act of The Phantom Menace, Droidekas have proven a notable danger for Jedi and Clone Troopers well into the Clone Wars, thanks to their unique mode of transport and a lethal combination of two twin blaster cannons and a deflector shield.

Used alongside battle droids in the Separatist Alliance’s fight with the Republic, the unusual design of the Droideka and its particular skill set has seen it become a mainstay of Episode I and Clone Wars play, display and inspiration.

The LEGO Group has subsequently released more than its fair share of this rolling mechanical machine, across multiple scales and with almost every appearance in an official LEGO set being a different design.

Some of those versions have focused on capturing the particular shaping of this unusual-looking droid, whilst others have more accurately tried to capture them in a minifigure scale, but there hasn’t really been a version yet to manage both.

That’s where this attempt from Brick Fanatics comes in. What do you think? Watch the video to see how this model is put together.

After the parts list? We distribute parts lists to our models free of charge and exclusively through our newsletter in .xml format. You can upload these .xml files to BrickLink, where all the pieces required to recreate the model will be listed, as well as available for purchase from a selection of vendors based around the world. The total cost for buying all the pieces to this custom Droideka comes to around £3-4 before postage.

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