iDisplayit exclusive discount in Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 11

iDisplayit’s exclusive discount inside Issue 10 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is expiring, but don’t worry, as they are back in Issue 11!

iDisplayit offers high quality, pre-set size display solutions for LEGO sets of all shapes and sizes, as well as display stands to pose sets at more dynamic angles. The UK-based company partnered with Brick Fanatics Magazine for Issue 9 and 10 to offer an exclusive discount off all purchases, for issue-long time-limited periods.

The offer inside Issue 10 expires on October 31, but, subscribers and readers who pick up a copy of Issue 11 won’t miss out, as the company are back once more to offer an amazing 15% off all purchases, once again through an exclusive discount code advertised inside the pages of the magazine.

Inside Issue 11 you can find a unique code on iDisplayit’s advertising page which can be applied online at to activate a 15% saving. This discount applies to all purchases and is once more time-limited.

Issue 11 leads with a designer walkthrough of 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, a special look at 21318 Tree House inside a real life tree house, a packed How To section for LEGO builders of all levels, and a breakdown of the numbers behind LEGO advent calendars.

Pick up a copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine today to enjoy a unique and immersive LEGO experience, as well as some truly great offers, including 15% off iDisplayit’s products. This latest discount code will expire at the end of November.

We have reviewed iDisplayit’s display case for 21318 Tree House  and the recently released updated version of their display stand for 75192 Millennium Falcon.


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