LEGO fans really want Shrek LEGO to be a thing

The cries for LEGO Shrek are growing increasingly deafening, as yet another Ideas project based on the big green ogre has surpassed 10,000 votes.

Dreamwork’s Shrek Swamp by 19-year-old builder Pedro_RuizMx joins two other 10K projects inspired by the animated movie in the review stage, only one review behind: Ashnflash and danielbradleyy’s Shrek submissions are both currently being considered for production in the first 2023 review, while this latest project will have to wait until the second 2023 review window closes in September.

We probably won’t know the results of the first 2023 review by then (expect that announcement to come in October), but given how similar these builds are – each one depicts Shrek’s swamp – it seems unlikely that the LEGO Group would pass up the other two only to green-light this one. The biggest differences in this build are the presence of a bigfig Shrek alongside the regular minifigure, and brighter and more expressive colours.

With all three LEGO Ideas Shrek projects reaching the review stage within a few months of one another, though, it’s pretty clear that there’s heavy demand for the Dreamworks movie in bricks. And with 2024 marking the 20th anniversary of Shrek 2, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the LEGO Group give one of these projects the nod, bringing it to life as an official product available on store shelves.

We’ll have to wait until at least October to find out for sure, while Pedro_RuizMx won’t learn the fate of their specific build until around February 2024. But if Ashnflash or danielbradleyy get the go ahead in the first 2023 review, this project definitely won’t make the cut.

Every LEGO Ideas project in the second 2023 review

Number  LEGO Ideas project  LEGO Ideas user  Date qualified  
1         “Big Boy” Locomotive   Lassehfl   May 2, 2023   
2  Retro Arcade  If You Build It  May 7, 2023  
3  Spartan Helmet of Leonidas  Delusion Brick  May 8, 2023  
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Lego.Ozzy.Fan May 15, 2023 
5The Muppet ShowBulldoozerBuilderMay 20, 2023
6Red Bull Racing F1 Team RB18 1:12 ScaleLukasRSMay 20, 2023
7Scooby Doo Mystery MachineLet Them FlyMay 20, 2023
8Western River SteamboatCTDpowerMay 23, 2023
9Dreamwork’s Shrek SwampPedro_RuizMxMay 25, 2023

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  • 30/05/2023 at 12:43

    that bigfig head looks like a veggietales character


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