LEGO has a Shrek problem to solve in the next Ideas review

The next

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Ideas review looks sure to give the team a tough problem to solve, as two projects based on the same franchise have reached 10,000 supporters simultaneously.

Both Ashnflash and danielbradleyy have submitted incredibly similar builds based on the Shrek franchise to Ideas, and both of their designs have crossed the 10K mark within a few days of one another. That means they’re now both in contention to become future

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Ideas sets – but if a LEGO Shrek set does sound appealing to the Ideas team, how will they navigate satisfying both builders?

If the builds were substantially different, the LEGO Group could easily point to one over the other as better fitting for a LEGO set (as long as it then stuck pretty closely to its design for the final product). But both of these projects recreate Shrek’s swamp home, complete with a separate outhouse build, and even include (mostly) the same minifigures: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots and a couple of supporting characters.

With very little to separate the two models, the review board may be forced to find an unprecedented solution for the LEGO Ideas platform: crediting, working with and financially rewarding both Ashnflash and danielbradleyy simultaneously for a single product.

That’s if it chooses to pursue an official LEGO Shrek set, of course – but with clear demand for the green ogre across both projects, and the LEGO Group’s existing history with Dreamworks, it seems like an easy win. (Beyond the complex situation we’re discussing here, obvs.)

There’s always the possibility that the LEGO Group is already teeing up official LEGO Shrek sets for the long-gestating Shrek 5, which is still thought to be in development by Dreamworks. That would put a spanner in the works for both of these projects – but with no official timeline for the fifth Shrek film on the cards, releasing a celebratory set for the second movie’s 20th anniversary in 2024 could be a much brighter idea.

We’ve got a good while to wait yet before finding out the results of the first 2023 review – they’ll likely drop around October, based on previous years – but it’s already shaping up to be one of the most intriguing reviews to date. Check out the table below for a full list of LEGO Ideas projects in contention to become official sets in this round (so far).

Every LEGO Ideas set in the first 2023 review so far

NumberLEGO Ideas projectLEGO Ideas userDate qualified
1   Dr. Seuss and LEGOLegoFan_506   January 2, 2023   
2   Sweet HoneyRobertVII   January 4, 2023   
3   The Botanical GardenGoannas   January 9, 2023   
4   The Crown – A Piece of HistoryPiraten   January 12, 2023   
5   Stargate SG1: Embarkation RoomStarbrick_SG1   January 12, 2023   
6   Roscosmos Soyuz MS SpacecraftTom_Brick   January 15, 2023   
7  Motorized Howl’s Moving Castleericlego321  January 16, 2023  
8  The StargateCaptain Mutant  January 16, 2023  
9  Medieval Seaside Marketbricks_fan_uy  January 17, 2023  
10 Brick BoulevardBricky_Brick January 19, 2023 
11 Retro Comic StoreLEGOverwatch January 22, 2023 
12 Shrek’s Swamp – 20th AnniversaryThe Real Ashnflash January 22, 2023 
13 Baby Green Sea Turtle – KineticQuaintWolf082 January 23, 2023 
14Humpback WhaleLes Briques de LoïcJanuary 25, 2023 
15Shrek’s SwampdanielbradleyyJanuary 26, 2023 

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