LEGO Ideas 21328 Seinfeld reviews are online

The first reviews of

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Ideas are starting to appear online, giving us a closer look at the upcoming sitcom set.

The embargo on reviews of the 1,326-piece set – based on a concept by fan designer Brent Waller – lifted at the same time as yesterday’s

reveal, which stole the spotlight from somewhat. But whether you prefer sitcoms or Star Wars, the
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Group will be happy to take your cash on August 1.

That’s when both those sets launch proper (alongside plenty more, including a wider Star Wars range and

). We’ve already reviewed here, but if you’re keen to take a closer look at 21328 Seinfeld before it hits shelves – which is actually in just a few days for VIPs – YouTuber Ashnflash has put it through its paces.

As well as an up-close-and-personal look at each of the set’s five minifigures, Asnflash runs through the references to the original show – including Superman stickers on the fridge and a nod to a movie created specifically for Seinfeld. Mostly, though, he’s just full of praise for the brand new Ideas release.

“I love this, I love sitcoms, I love that we got another apartment this year on top of the other two Friends ones,” the YouTuber gushes. “Congratulations Brent Waller, [it’s a] really amazing original submission and an even better set, I think, with the references that they’ve done here.”

21328 Seinfeld will be available to order exclusively for VIP members from July 21, before going on wider sale at

and in LEGO Stores on August 1.

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