LEGO Ideas could be about to break its own record in 2022

A rumoured list of future LEGO Ideas sets suggests the crowdsourced theme could be on the precipice of breaking its own record in 2022.

Since the first LEGO Ideas set arrived on shelves in 2011 – branded under LEGO CUUSOO, as the crowdsourcing platform was known back then – we’ve had a steady (but consistent) stream of around four or five new sets per year. That all changed in 2020, when the overwhelming number of projects reaching the review stage saw the number of sets in production grow at an alarming rate.

The result was an increased production schedule in 2021, when a total of six sets (plus two gifts-with-purchase) arrived on shelves in a single calendar year – a new record for the theme. According to Promobricks, however, that crown could be instantly snatched by 2022, as a total of seven regular retail LEGO Ideas sets (and at least one gift-with-purchase) are apparently lined up to launch this year.

Two of those are already available in 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone and 21332 The Globe, while two more are slated to arrive later this month in 21333 The Starry Night and Ivan Guerrero’s The Adventures of USS Cardboard gift-with-purchase. 21334 Jazz Quartet – based on a concept by fan designer Hsinwei Chi – will reportedly come next.

Three more regular retail sets are then said to be following by the end of the year, in the form of 21335, 21336 and 21337 – and you’re going to need deep pockets if you’re after them all. Promobricks reports that 21336 will retail for €349.99, while 21337 will cost a similarly demanding €299.99. (No word yet on a price tag for 21335, but 21334 Jazz Quartet is thought to come in at €99.99.)

We don’t yet know which of the current LEGO Ideas projects in production those price tags will belong to, but the safe money seems to be on Sandro Quattrini’s Motorized Lighthouse and Donát Fehévári’s Foosball Table, based on both their anticipated size and the time that’s passed since they were given the green light in summer 2021.

If all those sets do land on shelves in 2022, it means this year will set a new record for the number of mainline LEGO Ideas sets, while equalling last year’s record for the total number of releases (taking into account gifts-with-purchase). Promobricks’ list doesn’t factor in contest-winning GWPs, though, so DadiTwins’ Ray the Castaway could yet arrive in 2022 too, taking the total number of LEGO Ideas releases this year to nine.

Whatever happens, it’s a great time to be a LEGO Ideas collector. As long as you have unlimited money, that is. Otherwise… you might need to start getting selective.

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Chris Wharfe

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