If LEGO won’t do Pokémon, do it yourself with these incredible life-size builds

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Group would use its partnership with Nintendo to create official Pokémon sets? Go one better with these incredible life-sized sculptures, which you can buy and build at home.


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Group’s partnership with Nintendo may be limited to
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, but your collection doesn’t have to be. Bricker Builds has just expanded its range of life-sized LEGO Pokémon sculptures – which already includes Pikachu, Eevee and Mudkip – with brand new builds of Piplup and Turtwig.

If you know your Pokédex from your Poké Ball, you’ll also know that both of these adorable critters hail from the fourth generation of Pokémon games, which encompasses Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Turtwig is the Sinnoh region’s Grass-type starter Pokémon, while Piplup is a Water-type.

Both models are designed by Dave Holder, whose work can also be seen at

Melbourne and on LEGO MASTERS Australia – but unlike most massive LEGO sculptures, these Pokémon aren’t the preserve of theme parks and TV shows.

Through Bricker Builds, you can buy either the instructions to build them using your own collection, or in a combo package with both the instructions and every LEGO element required. Those are official LEGO bricks, too, so they’ll integrate perfectly with your existing part library.

Both Pokémon are built at 1:1 scale, which means you’ll need a decent space to display them in: Piplup is comprised of 2,316 bricks and stands 41.1cm tall, 43.2cm wide and 29.6cm deep, while Turtwig uses 2,195 pieces and measures 41.9cm tall, 41.6cm wide and 23cm deep.

Bricker Builds LEGO Pokemon Poke Balls edited

Bricker Builds also has a couple of cool promos available at the moment: if you buy both Pokémon (with both bricks and instructions) before Monday, November 15, you’ll get two Poké Balls of your choice – including the brand new Ultra Ball – absolutely free. All orders placed before November 30 will also receive an exclusive 2×2 printed tile to celebrate the first anniversary of Bricker Builds.

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