Every LEGO Batcave, ranked

With the reveal of 76252 Batcave – Shadow Box, the number of official LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at batcaves over the years is up to 12 – and it’s about time we made a definitive ranking.

Ever since its conception in 2006, the LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Batman theme has had a few ‘staple sets’. Batmobile, batwing, bat-sub… you name a vehicle, and there’s sure to have been multiple bat-versions made into LEGO sets. Our brooding hero’s underground headquarters is one of the most important staples of the theme, and has now appeared in minifigure scale nine times.

As you’ll see in this list, LEGO Batman remake sets often emulate the general shape and function of the original set they’re based off of in the 2006-2008 run. With only a few exceptions, LEGO batcaves feature a raised central computer with two sections on either side, a jail cell, a vehicle, and a platform for said vehicle. How different can all of these be? Let’s get into the list to find out.

12 – 10545 Batcave Adventure (2014)

10545 main

Okay, it might seem too obvious to start off this list with a DUPLO batcave, but just look at this thing. This set looks more like a playground than a batcave, and the mish-mash of bright colours doesn’t exactly scream ‘Dark Knight’. The Batwing is a fun giant mould, though. This was the first DUPLO batcave, and thankfully it only gets better from here.

11 – 10753 The Joker Batcave Attack (2018)

10753 1

Before the days of 4+, there was LEGO Juniors. It was more or less the same thing, but for some reason, when looking back, the Juniors sets seem worse. This is, frankly, a poor excuse for a batcave – the entire thing is one small computer terminal and a tiny jail cell. To make things worse, this set features possibly the least interesting LEGO Batwing of all time. At least the Joker’s car is pretty funny and the Robin minifigure isn’t too bad.

10 – 10672 Batman: Defend the Batcave (2014)

10672 1

The other Juniors Batcave. This one gets the edge over the previous entry because the batcave itself is a bit more substantial, featuring some pretty nice large printed pieces. Other than that, though, it has an underwhelming batmobile, an uninspired minifigure lineup, and an overall unfinished look that just isn’t very appealing.

9 – 76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off (2022)

LEGO Batman 76183 Batcave The Riddler Face off contents

The fact that there are DUPLO entries higher on the list than this set may prove controversial, but the hard truth is that this isn’t really a batcave. It’s a bat-train-station. Sure, it’s decently accurate to the excellent movie that it’s based on, but most of the build is still dedicated to an abandoned subway terminal. The vehicle is a tiny bat-cycle, the minifigures are dull, and it doesn’t look great to display or play with. The simple fact is that The Batman isn’t a movie with childrens’ toys in mind.

8 – 10919 Batcave (2020)

10919 alt2

The only LEGO batcave to be named simply “Batcave.” For a DUPLO set, this one actually gets a lot right. The colour scheme is appropriately dark rather than the traditional DUPLO rainbow overload, the batmobile is cute, and the printed Joker laughing screen is much better than the Robin screen from the 2014 DUPLO batcave. Despite its small size, this one sums up everything a little kid would need to play Batman in a nice little package.

 7 – 10842 Batcave Challenge (2017)

10842 1

We finally finish off the Juniors and DUPLO batcaves on a high note. This one has it all. The traditional lineup of Batman, Robin, and the Joker are all here – but this time we get the bonus of a cute DUPLO Poison Ivy. There’s a batmobile AND a bat-cycle, there’s a working cannon, a moving ladder, a jail cell, and a printed trans-blue brick to represent stolen jewels? What more could a kid aged 2-5 ask for? But what exactly is the titular batcave challenge? Does it even matter?

6 – 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion (2019)

LEGO Batman 76122 Batcave ClayfaceInvasion

There are a lot of pros to this batcave. The great minifigure lineup, including a brick-built Clayface (a character not seen often enough in LEGO Batman sets) is the clear highlight. The bat-computer looks great, and there are even scaled-down references to the iconic dinosaur and giant penny that have become staples of the comic book batcave. However, the brown rock colour scheme and the awkward-looking vehicle drag this one down a bit.

5 – 6860 The Batcave (2012)

6860 main

This is the cheapest non-Juniors minifigure scale Batcave, and it actually makes a lot out of its smaller size. The bat-computer section and the bat-cycle are a bit on the weak side, but they’re made up for by the super smooth dropping suit-up play feature and the awesome Bane driller vehicle. The doors underneath the computer actually slide closed, so your bat-vehicles can make a dramatic exit. The amount of play value you get in this set for its low price makes it a notable entry in the LEGO batcave canon.

4 – 76252 Batcave – Shadow Box (2023)

LEGO DC 76252 Batcave Shadow Box

While it is probably the most unique LEGO batcave to date, the Shadow Box isn’t without its problems. The minifigure selection isn’t the best, and it’s hard to escape the fact that a large portion of the build is just a big black box. That said, the parts of the build that are actually batcave look great. The set captures the moody atmosphere of the Tim Burton movies’ batcave very well, and the batmobile is sleek and accurate.

3 – 70909 Batcave Break-In

70909 Batcave Break In The LEGO Batman Movie

The batcave from the LEGO Batman Movie has a lot of pros and basically no cons. It keeps to the general iconic shape of LEGO batcaves while breaking the mould in a lot of ways. The walkway across the top, the bat-shaped computer, the elevator platform, and the rotating belt of bat-suits are all unique to this batcave. The boats for Batman and the Penguin both look great, and the minifigure selection is terrific with lots of exclusive costumes.

2 – 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (2016)

76052 Prod

Based on the classic 60s TV series, this batcave gets almost everything right. There’s an incredible selection of minifigures in their appearances from the show, two instantly recognizable vehicle builds, a section of Wayne Manor, and a myriad of the ever-useful machines and devices that Batman and Robin use to conveniently defeat their foes or solve their problems throughout the series. 

Some might find the dark tan colour scheme on the ugly side, but it is accurate to the cave’s look in the show. The exposed front-facing studs on the tall Wayne Manor section of the build are a bit unseemly, but they help support one of the best play features in any LEGO batcave – the fire poles that Batman and Robin can slide down.

1 – 7783 The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze’s Invasion (2006)

7783 The Batcave The Penguin and Mr. Freezes Invasion box

As if there was any doubt. The number one spot, of course, goes to the original LEGO batcave from 2006. Beyond just being the classic that nearly every LEGO batcave since has taken inspiration from, this is just a wonderful set in its own right. 

Its spacious layout makes it feel larger than it is, and it makes use of that space with downright massive features like the bat-computer and the jail cell. There’s a working cannon, a suit-changer, a spiral staircase, and three vehicles. The bat-boat here is extremely unique and the minifigures are plentiful. There’s truly nothing to complain about.

Do you agree with our ranking of the LEGO batcave sets throughout the years? How many of these batcaves do you own? Let us know in the comments!

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