Five times LEGO disappointed us in 2021

The LEGO Group had plenty of surprises throughout 2021, but there were also a few moments that left us disappointed, including these five.

While there were plenty of exciting events throughout the past year, the LEGO Group wasn’t always surprising in a good way, and we’ve gathered five of the moments that disappointed us in 2021, including one that affects the year to come.

From eventful releases of exclusive sets to the lack of returning characters and pieces that have become coveted to those who own them, here are five times that the LEGO Group disappointed us in 2021.

5 – No more goats

The original fan design for LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith included a return of the plastic goats that last appeared in 2011’s Kingdoms 7189 Mill Village Raid. However, when the final model was revealed, no such animal was included with only a horse and husky dog featured.


In a roundtable interview with Brick Fanatics and other fan media, the LEGO designers confirmed that they know about the wishes for the LEGO goat’s return, but were unable to do so due to the mould being retired as in the timeframe since 2011, there was no need for the brick-built animal. Consequently, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith arrived with no LEGO goat, though an advert did weigh on the possibility of them coming back.

4 – Cancelled sets, even for 2022

The LEGO Group have cancelled more than a few sets this year, with the most notable of these being 60278 Crooks’ Hideout. Initially revealed in a consumer catalogue for 2021, the model would never see the light of day due to it clashing with the LEGO Group’s brand values.

Whatever the case may be, 60278 Crooks’ Hideout wasn’t the only set to see this fate with a Christmas GWP, 40489 Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s Living Room, spotted on eBay as an intended follow-up to 40484 Santa’s Front Yard. This too was cancelled due to a quality issue. Even 2022 sets have been affected by cancellations with three LEGO Marvel Mechs removed from the online store days after being officially revealed due to similar errors.

3 – Only one LEGO Ideas model in record review

The first LEGO Ideas 2021 review was huge, with a total of 57 projects all passing into the judging phase of the platform. No other review round has come this close since, and there was plenty of choice for the LEGO Ideas board when it came to potential future sets. Although 54 models made it into the review, only one managed to make it out with the other 53 being rejected.

This result was disappointing, especially considering the record number of submissions that had managed to make it in. Out of that review, only Hsinwei Chi’s Jazz Quartet and Jaijai Lewis’s The Office were approved, with Harry Finkel’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs also being considered. However, that’s a fate that 54 other models will never get to see.

2 – Where was Jedi Bob?

Following in the footsteps of the LEGO goat in 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, Jedi Bob similarly didn’t manage to return in Star Wars 75309 Republic Gunship. The legendary minifigure was an original character created for 2002’s 7163 Republic Gunship, who was later named Bob by the community.

Since that time Disney has acquired Lucasfilm, the studio behind the Star Wars Franchise, and renewed a galaxy far, far away with a sequel trilogy of films, none of which featured Jedi Bob. It could be that with this change in the control of the franchise, the possibility of a future return to the legendary minifigure may be unlikely. However, we’ve got an updated parts list for the character for you to make him yourself.

1 – The Ulysses Space Probe launch

Houston we have a problem. The launch of the VIP exclusive LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe reward didn’t go down well for many who were hoping to get their hands on the limited creation in exchange for their VIP points. The LEGO Group admitted to being unprepared for the demand, which caused the Ulysses Space Probe to skyrocket in price on the secondary market after selling so quickly, it broke the website.

That would be the last new physical LEGO set VIP reward that the LEGO Group would widely offer until LEGO VIP Weekend 2021 when a Vintage Camera model would manage to stay available for the entirety of the event, and even afterwards. While this could be a case of less demand for the model, it may suggest that the LEGO Group has learned a lesson from the launch of the NASA Ulysses Space Probe reward.

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2 thoughts on “Five times LEGO disappointed us in 2021

  • 21/12/2021 at 00:38

    For me the greatest disappointment was the result of their legal talks with Darkflame Universe. While I’m happy they recognized them in an official capacity and gave them a shoutout in their LEGO games podcast episode on LEGO Universe, it was quite disappointing to the LEGO Universe community that LEGO would only allow private servers to exist. This greatly detracted from the experience we in the LU community were hoping for while the DLU team was reviving LEGO’s first *MMO*. It’s been great spending the last week reliving some childhood memories, but it feels so empty without other players. I was really looking forward to meeting other LU vets on a public server to alleviate my covid lockdown loneliness.


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