LEGO Ideas users vote TX Master Games through to review

TX Master Games has reached 10,000 votes on the LEGO Ideas platform and will now be under consideration for an official release.

Another LEGO Ideas product idea has made the cut, with 10,000 votes going to TX Master Games. The model is designed to be a playable game that represents Taekwon-do, as players aim to beat their opponent with patterns that represent martial arts moves.

Now it goes ahead to the LEGO Ideas review panel, where it is assessed to see if it is a viable product for official release.

Here’s how TX Master, the LEGO Ideas user behind the concept, explains the project:

You may train Taekwon-do or any other martial art, but you don’t have to! You must only love LEGO bricks! We created a set of new amazing adventures with LEGO bricks for you! If you have already constructed various vehicles, buildings, and spaceships, that’s awesome. Build then a small training hall or a sparring mat with us. You will battle with yourself and other opponents on it!

For those who want to understand the game better, the rules are shared on the product idea’s page.


LEGO TX Master Games

TX Master Games is the 17th project to reach the third 2020 review. Here’s the full list of every idea that will be up for consideration in this round:

Automated Garbage Truck
Auto Union Type C Racecar
The Little Venice
Jumanji 1995
Spirited Away
Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora
Motorized Lighthouse
Classic Castle
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Red Dwarf Starbug
Bag End
Gravity Falls: The Mystery Shack
Boeing 737 Passenger Plane
Brick Town Police Station
Colosseum (Architecture Style)

In other Ideas news, The Earth Globe and Legendary Stratocaster recently passed the review process and will be released as LEGO Ideas sets next year. 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V and 92177 Ship in a Bottle have also just emerged from retirement, and are once again available at

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