LEGO Star Wars summer 2022 set predictions: Mando, Jango and a Rancor

With a full list of rumoured price points and piece counts for this summer’s LEGO Star Wars sets in hand, we’re predicting what might fill the gaps in the upcoming waves.

While we’ve got rumoured details on most of the sets coming our way this summer, including a new AT-TE and Jedi Starfighter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones, there are a handful of sets for which we’ve only got potential piece counts and price tags.

Based on everything we know about the wave so far, though – and using the wider context of both the LEGO and Star Wars landscapes as of February 2022 – here’s what we reckon could be on the way for the rest of this year…

75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter

The Mandalorian N 1 Starfighter 1

The only LEGO Star Wars set thought to be launching on June 1 is 75325, which is said to be based on The Book of Boba Fett. Now that the spin-off series has wrapped up, the most obvious choice is surely The Mandalorian’s modified N-1 Starfighter – and it would fit the bill for this particular product, which is rumoured to come in at 411 pieces for €69.99.

Cashing in on a set that everyone clearly wants with a high price tag is probably only one half of the equation, though: that inflated price-per-piece ratio could also be down to the liberal spread of drum-lacquered silver elements a LEGO version of the repainted starfighter would (hopefully) include. Hey, we can dream…

75331 Geonosian Arena

Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Geonosian Arena

When rumours of a $530 LEGO Star Wars set first emerged, we only half-jokingly suggested that it could finally be the opportunity to bring us a Geonosian Arena. The LEGO Group has famously shied away from prequel trilogy ships and locations across its Ultimate Collector Series and Master Builder Series sets, after all (beyond last summer’s 75309 Republic Gunship, which was chosen by fans).

But then word hit of multiple sets based on Star Wars: Attack of the Clones launching this summer, and suddenly it seems like a genuine prospect again. It still wouldn’t be the most exciting build of all time, but the Reek, Acklay and Nexu would be pretty interesting, and you know we’d get some great minifigures. If there was ever a time to deliver this set, it’s summer 2022 – and this is a price tag that can do it justice.

75334 TIE Bomber

LEGO Star Wars 4479 TIE Bomber

We can’t see the LEGO Group letting an entire wave of sets pass by without a single original trilogy vehicle, and a new TIE Bomber feels like the kind of thing that would fit the bill. Between its inclusion in 2020’s UCS poll and the mini version gifted with the LEGO Star Wars magazine last year, the ship is clearly on the minds of the design team.

It’s also another set overdue a remake – the last and only System-scale version dropped in 2003, in 4479 TIE Bomber – and had a moment in the spotlight in The Book of Boba Fett, in which a fleet of bombers rained fire down on Mandalore. 75334 will reportedly cost €49.99 and include 408 pieces, which would be perfect for a bomber in the same scale as 2021’s 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter.

75337 Jango Fett’s Slave I

LEGO Star Wars 75243 Slave I JANGO FETT WM

Promobricks reckons 75337 is likely to be a Republic Gunship to go alongside the rumoured AT-TE, and if we’re getting a Jango Fett’s Slave I (or Jango Fett’s Starship, as it’s more likely to be known), it’ll be a smaller version akin to 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship, slotting in at 75334’s price tag and piece count. But we don’t agree.

That’s because this would be the first LEGO version of Jango’s ship since 2002, and it’s a set that prequel trilogy fans have been demanding for years. The LEGO Group would be wise to do it justice with a set closer to 75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition, which could then go toe-to-toe with the rumoured 75333 Jedi Starfighter in a way that a smaller version likely couldn’t.

75338 Rancor Pit

LEGO Star Wars 750005 Rancor Pit featuredd

Rumours are already heavily pointing towards a new take on Jabba’s Palace – or rather, Boba Fett’s Palace – arriving next month, and what better to combine with that than a Rancor pit? The formidable creature has returned to screens in The Book of Boba Fett, so it makes narrative sense, and the mooted price point of $69.99 comes in just above that of 2013’s 75005 Rancor Pit.

Whether the Rancor itself would be moulded or brick-built likely depends on whether the moulds for the beast still exist, but here’s hoping: the current Rancor goes for a pretty penny on the aftermarket, so we’d love to see a more affordable version back on shelves.

75339 Bounty Hunter Pursuit

LEGO Star Wars 7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit

This is a wild stab in the dark, given we don’t even have a prospective price point or piece count to go on for 75339, but if there’s one set that deserves a do-over for the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones, it’s 7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit. The 2002 set is the only time we’ve seen the colourful speeders from the start of Episode II in bricks, so it’s long overdue a redesign.

The format seems purpose-made for a LEGO set, too, with potential for two eminently swooshable vehicles and three brilliant minifigures, including an updated Zam Wesell. You could even bump that count up to four with Padmé Amidala if you’re feeling really optimistic. Which we clearly are to include this set in our predictions list at all…

75342 Clone Trooper Battle Pack

LEGO Star Wars 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers featured 2

75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers is apparently retiring this year. Could it be to make way for another Clone Trooper battle pack in the same vein? Nothing is known yet about 75342 beyond a price point of $39.99, which is admittedly $10 higher than the 501st pack. But that extra budget could give us some really detailed troopers, and maybe a few extra droids – we haven’t seen any Super Battle Droids for a while…

If the LEGO Group doesn’t want to make the summer wave too Attack of the Clones-heavy (and the rumoured BD-1, Cad Bane’s Ship and AT-ST aren’t enough to balance things out), this could easily be inspired by The Clone Wars or Revenge of the Sith. After all, there are plenty of other legions we’d love to build armies of.

For more on what we do know about the rest of this year’s LEGO Star Wars range, click here. Alternatively, head here for a full list of LEGO sets rumoured for 2022 across all themes. And if you’ve got any better ideas for what these mystery sets could be, sound off in the comments below.

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