Could the upcoming DCU movies and shows be the saving grace of LEGO DC Super Heroes?

LEGO DC Super Heroes is, at this point, a dead theme – but the upcoming rebooted DCU could be a saving grace for non-Batman DC LEGO sets.

While the cancellation of the tie-in set for The Flash seems to be the final nail in the coffin for LEGO DC, fans shouldn’t give up hope yet. If James Gunn and Peter Safran’s slate of recently-announced DC movies and TV shows ends up revitalizing the franchise, we could see a whole new era of DC LEGO sets. Some of the projects announced in ‘chapter one’ of the DCU, called ‘Gods and Monsters’, are prime candidates for LEGO tie-ins, while others are decidedly not.

That said, let’s take a look at a convenient ranked list of all 10 projects – starting with the movies and shows least likely to spawn LEGO sets.

10. Swamp Thing

Swampthing1 copy

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Swamp Thing is coming in last place. The film, directed by James Mangold, is described as a horror movie – which is a genre the LEGO Group has pretty strictly avoided. As much as we’d like to see a Swamp Thing big-fig, it seems unlikely until the character appears in some sort of crossover movie.

Plus, with the poor reception to Mangold’s new Indiana Jones movie and his recently-announced Star Wars movie, who knows if his Swamp Thing project will even get made in the first place.

9. Waller

Amanda Waller Lego Batman 0001

Any TV show centered on Amanda Waller isn’t going to spawn too many tie-in toys. Add in the fact that this show is a direct continuation of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, two unabashedly adult projects, and you have a perfect recipe for no LEGO products.

8. Creature Commandos

creature commandos dc

While it would certainly be a lot of fun to have a bit of a Monster Fighters revival in the form of Creature Commandos LEGO sets, the violent and mostly unknown nature of the characters make it unlikely. This is another one where the characters themselves could show up in other LEGO sets down the line if they prove popular.

7. Paradise Lost

76157 wonder woman vs. cheetah dc comics super heroes

This show is about Themyscira and the Amazons before Wonder Woman, so that automatically lowers its chances of having LEGO tie-in products. It’s also been compared to Game of Thrones, a show that’s also way beyond what the LEGO Group considers appropriate.

This is the first entry on the list that could fit into the ‘unbranded tie-in’ category, where a set or two is produced without specific branding connecting it to the show. Wonder Woman is a popular character that is marketable enough to be featured in a few LEGO sets – so it’s possible that the release of this show could usher in a few LEGO Batman sets that have Wonder Woman minifigures. It’s a little less likely that we would see any LEGO Wonder Woman sets, since the last one based on Wonder Woman 1984 sold poorly and crowded shelves for a while.

6. Booster Gold


Boosted Gold is not a popular character. He is an interesting character, though, and a TV show about him could certainly become popular if done well enough. This is another one that is most likely to show up as an unbranded tie-in, where Booster Gold is a minifigure included in another, more generic, DC LEGO set (most likely a Batman set). His best buddy Blue Beetle did appear in 76054 Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear!

5. Lanterns

The Green Lantern team-up show is the only TV series on the list that could potentially have an actual tie-in set. Green Lantern has been a LEGO staple for a while – Hal Jordan has been featured in one LEGO set, but other versions of the character have been spread across collectible minifigure series, books, and DVDs.

Once again, even if there isn’t an official Lanterns LEGO set, Hal Jordan and John Stewart could surely appear in other LEGO sets (cough cough Batman cough).

4. The Authority

l intro 1675465224

Most people have never heard of the Authority. You might be wondering why they’re this high on the list. Well, no one had heard of the Eternals either – and they had three tie-in LEGO sets. The Authority is a big gamble of a movie, just like Guardians of the Galaxy or Eternals were for Marvel – and those movies both received a lot of toy merchandise to help push the film release. It’s pretty likely that the LEGO Group tries to at least fit a few of the characters from this movie into some sort of product around the time of its release.

3. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl DCHub 02 1471253514

This is where things start to go from wild speculation to more focused, specific speculation. Anything with the Superman logo is marketable, and Supergirl is an extremely popular character in her own right. This movie is based on a rollicking space adventure comic featuring the Girl of Steel, which sounds perfect for some tie-in toys. With appeal across the gender spectrum and  a recognizable logo, Supergirl is a movie that could have a single LEGO set or even a whole wave.

2. Superman: Legacy

LEGO 76096 Superman and Krytpo Team Up 12

The first DCU film, written and directed by James Gunn himself, is going to be Superman: Legacy. There’s basically no world where this movie doesn’t come with a few LEGO sets. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League – the last three theatrical film releases to feature Superman – all received a full wave of LEGO sets. Superman is arguably one of the most recognizable characters of all time and DC’s second most popular character, so LEGO sets are nearly guaranteed.

He is still only the second most popular, though…

1. The Brave and the Bold

LEGO Batman cast

And that’s because Batman exists. This movie is about Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and one Robin in a long line of Robins – but that doesn’t matter. If it has Batman in it, which it does, it’ll get some love from the LEGO Group. Since this film is set to focus on the Bat-family, it’s good to know we’ll probably get a wide variety of minifigures. But make no mistake – this is the only DCU project that we’re comfortable saying has a 100% chance of having LEGO tie-in products… and it’s all thanks to the big brooding Bat.

Bonus: The Batman Part II

LEGO Batman 76183 Batcave The Riddler Face off review 47

Even though it’s not a part of the overarching DC movie universe, the sequel to The Batman is still coming, and since it’s also a movie about Batman, it’ll have some LEGO sets. Worth mentioning!

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