Every LEGO Star Wars set confirmed and rumoured for 2022 – March update

A fresh list of LEGO Star Wars rumours for 2022 has given us a clearer picture of what to expect from the rest of this year’s line-up from a galaxy far, far away.

The rumour mill is churning out LEGO Star Wars news on a weekly basis at the moment, which can make it difficult to keep on top of what exactly to look out for in the months to come. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of every LEGO Star Wars set supposedly coming our way in 2022, which is now said to span everything from Attack of the Clones through to the new Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series.

For your convenience, here’s a quick reference list with links to the latest news on each set, or links to their listings at LEGO.com where they’re already revealed and confirmed. Alternatively, scroll down for more detailed information on each one, and look out for future updates in the days, weeks and months to come.

40547 Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader – $19.99
75323 Cad Bane’s Ship – 1,022 pieces, €159.99
75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter – 412 pieces, £54.99 / $59.99 / €59.99
75329 Death Star Trench Run – 665 pieces, €59.99
75330 Dagobah Jedi Training – 1,000 pieces, €79.99
75331 TBC – $529.99
75332 AT-ST – 87 pieces, €29.99 / $29.99
75333 Jedi Starfighter – 282 pieces, €29.99 / $29.99
75334 [Obi-Wan Kenobi]  – 408 pieces, €49.99 / $49.99
75335 BD-1 – 1,062 pieces, €99.99 / $99.99
75336 [Obi-Wan Kenobi] – 924 pieces, $99.99
75337 AT-TE – 1,082 pieces, $139.99
75338 [Andor] – $69.99
75339 Death Star Trash Compactor – €89.99
75340 Star Wars Advent Calendar – 329 pieces, €34.99 / $44.99
75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder – €199.99
75342 TBC – $39.99


40547 Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader


This BrickHeadz double pack is said to be the first set specifically based on Disney’s new Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series, with a release date pencilled in for May. If it comes to pass, it won’t be our first BrickHeadz rendition of Darth Vader – that’s pictured above – but it will be our first Obi-Wan in the statuette template.

75323 Cad Bane’s Ship

1,022 pieces, €159.99

As with most of the rumoured sets on this list, you shouldn’t take this product name as final. Instead, it’s more of an indication of what to expect from 75323, which is thought to be based on the animated spin-off series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It does coincide nicely with Cad Bane’s live-action debut in The Book of Boba Fett, though…

75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter

412 pieces, £54.99 / $59.99 / €59.99

The first (and only) confirmed LEGO Star Wars set for June is also the first truly based on The Book of Boba Fett, given 75326 Boba Fett’s Throne Room is inspired by a post-credits sequence in The Mandalorian. 75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter includes the first-ever face print for Din Djarin, though images have yet to be revealed, but was apparently designed too hastily for a new Darksaber.

75329 Death Star Trench Run

665 pieces, €59.99

The LEGO Star Wars theme is going after the adult market in an even bigger way in 2022, with a brand new series of display sets based on iconic scenes from the original trilogy. The first of those to be revealed is 75329 Death Star Trench Run, a microscale diorama complete with Luke Skywalker’s X-wing, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced and two TIE Fighters. Initial pics were published by Amazon, but we’re expecting a full reveal soon.

75330 Dagobah Jedi Training

1,000 pieces, €79.99

The second diorama set launching later this year is 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training, which depicts the memorable moment that Luke Skywalker tries and fails to lift his X-wing out of the swamp near Yoda’s home. Thankfully, the venerable Jedi Master is on hand to get the job done. It follows the template established by 75329 Death Star Trench Run, with a buildable black base and an accompanying quote.

75331 TBC


The biggest LEGO Star Wars set of 2022 is rumoured to weigh in at $529.99 in the US, which would represent a brand new price point for the theme, somewhere between 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina and 75313 AT-AT. Speculation says it’s a Master Builder Series set – we’re due one based on the pattern established since 2017 – but what exactly it could be is a complete mystery at the moment. We’re hoping for a certain Episode II arena…

75332 AT-ST

87 pieces, €29.99 / $29.99

Yes, we’ve just had a chicken walker in 75322 Hoth AT-ST, but this version should offer something a little different if rumours are true. Apparently, 75332 AT-ST will be a more traditional interpretation of the walker from Return of the Jedi – and will be another 4+ set, aimed at a much younger audience with a simplified build.

75333 Jedi Starfighter

282 pieces, €29.99 / $29.99

One of two Star Wars: Attack of the Clones sets rumoured for the movie’s 20th anniversary, this fresh take on Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter – the first since 2017’s 75191 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive (pictured above) – is also said to include our first-ever Taun We minifigure. Initial rumours suggested the Kaminoan would come in the form of a mini-doll, but they’ve since been confirmed as false.

75334 [Obi-Wan Kenobi]

408 pieces, €49.99 / $49.99

The LEGO Group has shown it’s capable of turning around sets based on the Star Wars TV shows relatively quickly with 75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter, and it looks like that effort will also extend to the Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series. The smaller of two sets expected for the show is rumoured to be anchored around a location rather than a vehicle.

75335 BD-1

1,062 pieces, €99.99 / $99.99

Less timely is word of a LEGO Star Wars set based on Jedi: Fallen Order, a video game that originally arrived in 2019. The LEGO Group has famously shied away from it to date, but whether because of an internal shift in policy or simply a BD droid’s appearance in The Book of Boba Fett, it’s now rumoured to be embracing the Respawn Entertainment title with a buildable BD-1 droid.

75336 [Obi-Wan Kenobi]

924 pieces, $99.99

The second of two Obi-Wan Kenobi sets thought to be launching in 2022 is rumoured to focus on a vehicle, which – going by the show’s one and only trailer – could be the ship flown by the villainous Inquisitors. There’s no word yet on specific minifigures that may be included, but there are plenty of exciting candidates in that initial trailer alone…  

75337 AT-TE

1,082 pieces, $139.99

The full extent of the LEGO Group’s rumoured celebration of Attack of the Clones – one of the most maligned films in the entire Star Wars saga – will reportedly be seen in 75337 AT-TE, which is said to be the biggest and most expensive rendition of the Republic walker to date. Details beyond a piece count of 1,082 and a price tag of $139.99 are thin on the ground right now, though.

75338 [Andor]


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin-off series Andor still doesn’t have a confirmed premiere date, but the LEGO Group apparently already has a set up its sleeve for the Disney+ show. That’s according to StoneWars, anyway, which notes this rumour leans a little more into speculation than the rest of the line-up for 2022.

75339 Death Star Trash Compactor


While we don’t know for sure yet, it’s likely that this product number will belong to the rumoured Death Star Trash Compactor set, which has previously been attached to 75329 (now confirmed to be the Death Star Trench Run). It’s said to be another diorama set on a black display base, complete with a quote from the corresponding scene in A New Hope.

75340 Star Wars Advent Calendar

329 pieces, €34.99 / $44.99

Another year, another LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. If there’s one release in the annual line-up you can safely predict, it’s this one – but less predictable are its contents, which could theoretically draw on any or all of the entire Star Wars canon. Last year’s (pictured above) focused on The Mandalorian, but it’s tricky to say what the LEGO Group will opt for this time round.

75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder


2022’s first Ultimate Collector Series set is rumoured to be our first large-scale rendition of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, a staple set at minifigure scale in the LEGO Star Wars line-up. It’s one of the few vehicles left to tackle at UCS scale from the original trilogy, and will reportedly arrive for May the Fourth.

75342 TBC


One of the few wildcards left in the 2022 line-up is 75342, a set that was at one point rumoured to be a new Republic Fighter Tank. That could still be the case, but it could also be any number of other sets – at least within a $39.99 price point. Fingers crossed we find out more about this one soon, given it could be among the more intriguing LEGO Star Wars 2022 releases.

Remember, almost everything here is still just a rumour for now (with the exception of those sets already listed at LEGO.com) – and more sets than these could still be in the pipeline.

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I like to think of myself as a journalist first, LEGO fan second, but we all know that’s not really the case. Journalism does run through my veins, though, like some kind of weird literary blood – the sort that will no doubt one day lead to a stress-induced heart malfunction. It’s like smoking, only worse. Thankfully, I get to write about LEGO until then.

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