LEGO MASTERS goes crazy golfing tonight on Channel 4

LEGO MASTERS Series 2 continues tonight on Channel 4, with the remaining build teams split up for the unplanned challenge before coming up with crazy golf holes for the main event.

Only six pairs of builders are still part of the LEGO MASTERS Series 2 contest, ready to see what fiendishly tricky surprises host Melvin Odoom will spring on them in tonight’s episode. Matthew Ashton, the LEGO Group’s Vice President of Design, and Fran Scott, science and engineering expert, will be on hand to judge the builds, with comedian and LEGO fan Chris Ramsey ready to try out the brick built crazy golf course.

Brick Fanatics will be live-tweeting along with the episode, so be sure to follow @BrickFanatics.

This week, the competitors must build animals without the help of their build buddies – and Melvin has a surprise twist ready to throw into the challenge. For the planned challenge, each pair will be coming up with a crazy golf hole to make life difficult for special guest Chris Ramsey as he attempts to putt around the brick obstacles.

LEGO MASTERS airs on Channel 4 tonight at 8.00pm.

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Meet the teams:
Adam and Odette
Catherine and Patrick
Paul and Lewis
Jayden and Kato
Chris and Joseph
Nathan and Tom
Harry and Ollie
Izzy and Stuart


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