LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 2 Episode 7 review

The teams must build above and below the desk in the latest instalment of LEGO MASTERS Australia

Spoilers ahead!

It’s another challenging build in this episode of LEGO MASTERS Australia, with the remaining teams being asked to build a model both on top and below the desk. There are studs literally facing downwards at the floor, which the builders must attach bricks to. Builds of this nature require real ingenuity, which is on display throughout the 90-minute episode.

The LEGO bricks are almost overshadowed by the return of Jordan, redubbed ‘Flash Jordan’. In Season 1, he was famous for running back and forwards from the Brick Pit. Along with the golden brick, Andrew and Damian won the Flash Jordan brick, which in this episode they choose to utilise. Instead of fetching their own elements, who Hamish Blade refers to as “LEGO MASTERS’ fastest ever boy” will do the legwork for them.

Ryan “Brickman” McNaught continues in his dad type role, offering encouragement to teams going along the right lines, but pulling the whole ‘not angry, disappointed’ expression when he feels a pair are not going in the right direction.

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Jennifer and Jodie struggle again in this challenge, running out of time to achieve their Santa’s workshop build. The way they manage to have a huge structure hanging below the desk is really impressive, but the models they decorate their landscape and subterranean area with don’t match up to what their opponents are producing.

Once again, Jackson and Alex pull off something really impressive, capturing a 1950s monster movie, as their world of diners and Cadillacs is disturbed by the appearance of a giant killer worm. They create a really full, life like model that would impress at any LEGO convention.

Trent and Josh pull another amazing build out of the bag, capturing a comical scene that shows a farmer and a rabbit fighting over a carrot, from very different vantage points. Often in LEGO MASTERS, these big, non-minifigure builds seem to earn extra praise from the judges, and they do deserve kudos for creating something so challenging.

Tim and Dannii build a fascinating scene at minifigure scale, imagining an archaeological dig where a hidden prehistoric world exists beneath the surface.

LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 2 Episode 7 7

It is a relief when Andrew and Damian are not eliminated, as although their seaside scene does not fit the brief as well as it should do, they seem to have more LEGO ability than Jennifer and Jodie, with the promise of more interesting builds to come.

Jennifer and Jodie are not gone for long though, when the big twist is revealed. As host Hamish Blake stresses, a head-to-head challenge with the other contestants looking on is absolutely not something that has been copied from Master Chef. Reminiscent of that other Endemol show or not, Jennifer and Jodie have a chance to avoid their elimination if they can beat Jay and Stani, while if they win they will return to the competition.

The two teams are building vintage objects at 1:1 scale in their fight to return to the contest, with a polaroid camera and Gameboy both proving challenging shapes to capture. In the end, both builds are so close to their real life counterparts that it could be anyone’s win. Jennifer and Jodie step up to the mark and squeak to victory, meaning Jay and Stani’s return is short lived.

The next episode of LEGO MASTERS airs on Nine at 7.00pm, May 10.

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