Every LEGO Ideas set currently in production

Following the results of the first 2021 LEGO Ideas review and the two confirmed sets in it, it’s time to recount everything in production for the theme.

Eight LEGO Ideas models are now confirmed for release in the future, and you’d be forgiven for forgetting one or more of the projects on that list.

With submissions dating as far back as 2019, here’s every LEGO Ideas set currently in production, and one that’s still under consideration:

Home Alone McAllister’s House

Originally announced in the middle of 2020, the LEGO Ideas team approved this project as part of the third 2019 review. The brick-built home of the McAllisters has had plenty of rumours surrounding it lately, including possible minifigures, a vehicle and even it potentially being the biggest set in the theme to date.


Earth Globe

The LEGO Ideas Earth Globe was revealed as part of the first 2020 review period, depicting the iconic decoration in bricks. With the square nature of LEGO bricks, a globe made entirely from official pieces whilst still being stable is likely no easy feat. We’ve heard nothing about this project since the announcement, but it may have been teased in a promotional video.

Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone

The iconic blue blur is getting a dedicated LEGO Ideas set following his Dimensions debut. Little is known about the Sonic Mania model but rumours suggest that it’s coming in January 2022 with the reported build matching the original project submission.

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night 

Vincent van Gogh’s classic Starry Night artwork is being recreated in bricks and was unveiled earlier in 2021. As the only project in its review to be chosen for a set, the final model has yet to be revealed, but the submitted design portrays a faithful depiction of the iconic piece without being a flat mosaic such as those in LEGO Art.

Motorised Lighthouse

Forming part of the third 2020 review, this project was confirmed to be a future official creation earlier in 2021 with the team promising something exceptional in the final model. This project has clear significance to the Ideas crew as it was scoped out before reaching 10K supporters. As the name suggests, the submission proposes a functional miniature lighthouse on a cliff.

Ray the Castaway

As the winner of the LEGO Ideas coastal contest, Ray the Castaway from DadiTwins presents the lonely life of an unfortunate castaway with only a seagull by his side. Winning the event with 969 votes, Ray the Castaway is currently in the process of being transformed into a future gift-with-purchase.

Foosball Table

This foosball table recreation was the winner of the We Love Sports contest, with the fan designer not only walking away with a huge prize package but also having their entry turned into a future set. Using minifigures, the brick-built tabletop sport offers a functional version of the game that you could even use to showcase your chosen minifigure teams.

Jazz Quartet

Announced as part of the first 2021 LEGO Ideas review, the Jazz Quartet was one of two projects confirmed to be getting official releases in the future. As one of the latest models on the list, it might be wise to not expect it to launch for some time. Despite that, the build proposes a set of four figures on a stage, all with brick-built instruments in various musical poses.

The Office

The latest iteration of The Office on LEGO Ideas has finally seen the show accepted for a future set. There have been many attempts for similar builds based on the sitcom in various LEGO Ideas review phases, but this is the first and only one to be approved. Following the launch of other sitcom models such as 21328 Seinfeld and 10292 The Friends Apartments, there may be an audience for LEGO Dunder Mifflin.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This hasn’t been confirmed to be getting a future set, but the LEGO Ideas team have disclosed that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is still under review with more news on its approval coming next year. This is the same status that the Sonic Mania project was listed under for some time, meaning that the classic Disney story might get a LEGO Ideas recreation yet.

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  • 18/10/2021 at 21:46

    What happened to the little castaway island GWP set? Will that be this or next year do you think?

  • 18/10/2021 at 11:04

    love the jazz band and the snow white home


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