LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 2 Episode 9: The exit interview

With four teams heading into final week, another pair of LEGO MASTERS Australia have left the show – Brick Fanatics speaks to the eliminated pair

They almost had to leave before, then built their way back into the competition – but Jen and Jodie could not dive deep enough in the underwater challenge to make it further through LEGO MASTERS Australia.

As they put away their brick separator and let their fingers recover, Brick Fanatics speaks to Jen and Jodie about their journey that has seen them build a polaroid camera, underwater mermaid and Santa’s workshop.

What was the trickiest thing to adjust to when building competitively? 

Jodie: Being on a time limit with that amount of pressure.

Jen: I don’t have a sense of time at all really, at any time. I’m always in trouble for being late and running things down to the wire, but it does mean I usually work well under pressure. The trickiest thing in this situation is keeping to time and planning a project that can be achieved. It’s not like building at home where you can go take a nap and come back to it when you’ve figured out how to fix it. 


Which was your favourite challenge? 

Jen: I think maybe the retro build because it really pushed the limits of our problem-solving ability and it won us a ticket back into the competition. A close second would be the explosions, because who doesn’t like blowing stuff up?

Jodie: Exploding the fairy tale builds.

What was the toughest challenge for you? 

Jodie: All of it! It was a big personal journey for me.

Jen: The ones that were physically demanding. For hanging brick I was trying to build something that was spinning the whole time and kept breaking mid-air, then for the above and below challenge I was building upside down and on the ground.

Are there any particular stand-out moments that made you laugh? 

Jodie: Hamish made me laugh all the time!

Jen: Too many, I laugh all the time! One of my favourite memories was when I was pretending I was on a cooking show in the brick pit and someone ran in, I think either Jackson or Alex – they made up the intro theme song for the show. Also, sometimes when I felt stressed I would imagine everyone on set wearing LEGO pants. 

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What was the best thing about participating in LEGO MASTERS? 

Jen: Meeting so many wild and awesomely fabulous people! The contestants and crew were amazing and made the whole experience a blast. We had so many LEGO adventures both on set and off, which I will treasure forever. It was such a privilege and an honour to build alongside some of Australia’s greatest builders. 

Jodie: The whole experience and definitely the friendships I have made.

Did you learn anything new, about yourself or about LEGO creativity, through being a part of the show? 

Jodie: I gained confidence and did things I only ever dreamed of doing.

Jen: I surprisingly did learn a lot about myself, but I learned even more LEGO techniques for my arsenal that I can use now in my builds at home. I’m not afraid to bust out the Technic anymore and experiment with the motors.

The next episode of LEGO MASTERS airs on Nine at 7.00pm, May 17.

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