A Knight Rider LEGO Ideas project has raced to 10K supporters

The worlds of LEGO Ideas and Knight Rider might cross over if the latest project to reach 10K supporters on the platform has anything to say about it.

Knight Rider: KITT and the FLAG Mobile Command Unit by HenkvdL05 is the newest LEGO Ideas submission to pass into the review stage, with a selection of 1980s models suggesting another classic franchise that isn’t new territory for the LEGO Group.

The project depicts the titular mobile command centre for the Knight Rider team as well as the iconic car and cast of characters. Whilst most of these are new ground for the LEGO designers to cover, a Michael Knight minifigure already exists thanks to LEGO Dimensions.

The models have been designed to fit into the new LEGO Speed Champions scale, making them compatible in case you decide to give Kitt a modern makeover. The project was initially submitted to LEGO Ideas just over a month ago on June 23, suggesting that there may be demand for another Knight Rider set.


This is the 22nd project in the most recent round of the LEGO Ideas review, and we’ve got a full list of every project for you to look through below:

Knight Rider: KITT and the FLAG Mobile Command Unit
Outer Solar System Explorers
Traditional German Cottage
GameStop Classic Shop
Airport Firetruck Rosenbauer Panther 8×8
Aircraft Engine Workshop
Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine
Floating Island
Medieval Harbour
Brick Walk
Working Mini Golf Course
Women of Computing
The Tavern Under the Snow
Medieval Tavern 
Boston Dynamics Spot 1:4 Scale Motorized Model 
BTS “Dynamite” 
The Costume Store 
A-frame Cabin  
Lifeguard Shack   
Movie Set   
Imperial Island Fort

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3 thoughts on “A Knight Rider LEGO Ideas project has raced to 10K supporters

  • 18/07/2022 at 19:11

    Even if LEGO doesn’t go for it, can always make your own manual, and parts list, sell that, and people can buy the parts separately at Lego parts sits like bricklink like Brickmania has done. And partner with company that make custom stickers for it.

  • 18/07/2022 at 19:06

    This looks like an awesome set. Perfect companion would be Goliath and/or KARR.

  • 01/03/2022 at 23:49

    Please bring back my childhood 80s was the best tv ever A-team Streethawk, airwolf, nightrider. Hope lego bring them out I would buy all of them !!!!!


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