Huge LEGO zoo reaches third 2022 LEGO Ideas review

Outside of DUPLO and a LEGO minifigure, there haven’t been many LEGO zoos, but that could change with the latest project in the third 2022 LEGO Ideas review 

Coming from Kodlovag – their first project on the platform – LEGO Zoo has reached the necessary number of supporters to be considered for a future model as part of the third 2022 review round. 

This brick-built zoo is modular with three main parts. One includes a polar bear and penguin enclosure; another features a forest area, and the largest module includes a treetop aviary as well as a paddock beneath the walkways. The treetop area looks similar to the models in 10236 Ewok Village, which may have been borrows from the Star Wars set but are still effective in the zoo design.

It’s an interesting approach to a LEGO zoo, though an official model may have to opt for brick-built animals unless the designers at LEGO are willing to include a large number of specialised animal elements. 

Here’s every project in the third 2022 review round so far, which has now reached a total of 21 models: 

The Old Western Train Station  
The Neverending Story (40th Anniversary)   
The Architect’s House   
London Underground     
Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg    
Cipher Machine    
Golden Clifftop Temple    
Classic Thunderbirds    
The Wright Flyer    
BOTW Temple of Time    
Pixar’s Up House with Balloons    
The Travel Suitcase    
Japanese Courtyard Garden    
The Lost City     
Pac-Man Moving Display     
Castle Dracula     
This Is Fine     
Ancient Roman Temple    

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One thought on “Huge LEGO zoo reaches third 2022 LEGO Ideas review

  • 30/10/2022 at 15:58

    i’m certain this wil never pass the review for one reason: Ewok village 10236.
    Someone call the lego police on kodlovag, this is plagiarism in my book and some weak tea from the uploader of brickfanatics for not mentioning star wars ewok village set 10236


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