The Three Investigators – The Headquarters reaches LEGO Ideas third review stage

The latest project to make it through to the LEGO Ideas third stage review is The Three Investigators – The Headquarters.

Based on a series of books from the 1960s by Robert Arthur, Jr., The Three Investigators – The Headquarters has now hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. That means the project will now move forward and be included with a number of other sets in the third 2021 review round.

The Three Investigators books feature a detective team from Rocky Beach, California, who have the catchphrase, “We take on any case.” Their trademark of three question mark symbols, represent the unknown, unsolved cases and mysterious incidents.

The Three Investigators – The Headquarters is the brainchild of LEGO builder, Valkon, and is the latest project in the third 2021 review round, which currently has 31 that will be competing for a future place in LEGO Ideas.

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  • 28/12/2021 at 02:06

    Three Investigators gdts my vote.


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