Ski Chalet slides into the next LEGO Ideas review with 10,000 votes

A veteran LEGO Ideas designer gets a fifth set across the line with their Ski Chalet, including working ski lift.

It’s safe to say that JKBrickworks knows the LEGO Ideas process inside out. With four of their designs making it to review stage, and two of them, 21305 Maze and 21315 Pop-Up Book, being put into production you might think they’d sit back and rest on their laurels.

But they’ve just had a fifth design make it to 10,000 votes, which means it goes through to the next review stage, expected in September. Ski Chalet features a traditional Swiss-style chalet with a sloping, snow covered roof and an open back to allow access to an interior with furniture, a fireplace and somewhere to hang wet ski suits.

Outside there are a variety of snow-based activities for the included minifigures to participate in, including a ski run featuring a motorised ski lift and a gate for those who wish to race down the hill. For the minifigures more inclined to thrill-seeking, they can also launch a toboggan off the chalet roof, which explains why JKBrickworks has included two paramedics with a stretcher. Other detail includes a picnic table, a ski rack, a snow machine and a yeti.


Ski Chalet becomes the 23rd set to make it to the September review. You can see the full list of sets that have reached 10,000 votes, below.

Ski Chalet
Medieval Guarded Inn
Sikorsky S-70i Firehawk Cal Fire Edition
Viking Village
The Krusty Krab – Spongebob Squarepants
Traditional Japanese Village
Tuscan Villa
University of Brickester
The Art Center
The World of Civil Engineering: Types of Bridges
LEGO Mushroom House
Working Polaroid Sun 600 LMS
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Escher Room
Working Orrery
Medieval Alchemist
Lisbon Tram (Elétrico De Lisboa)
Fishing in the Muddy Waters
Escape Game: Carter’s Secret
Auto Repair Garage 1930s
Motorized Steampunk Ship
Indiana Jones, Raiders Of The Lost Ark – 40th Anniversary
Lilo & Stitch: Beach House

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