Yet another LEGO castle reaches 10K on LEGO Ideas

The call for a full return of LEGO Castle is now absolutely deafening, as yet another medieval model has racked up enough support to reach the review stage on LEGO Ideas.

The Medieval Fortress is by no means the first project of its kind to crack the magic 10K over the past year – and nor is it creator LEt.sGO’s first period pitch to achieve support in the second 2021 review, joining their Medieval Tavern in contention for a future LEGO set.

This particular project takes an unusual approach to LEGO castles, however, offering an open-backed structure with removable, modular building-esque roofs and floors. Inside, you’ll find an armoury, two shops and a basement, complementing the three-storey-high keep, ramparts and turrets that act as the hallmarks of any good castle.

LEGO Ideas typically looks to brand new material when green-lighting sets, so it’s difficult to imagine The Medieval Fortress getting the nod so soon after 21325 Medieval Blacksmith (review) and 31120 Medieval Castle (review) have hit shelves. If nothing else, though, LEt.sGO’s project is at least further proof of the groundswell of support for the proper return of LEGO Castle.

This is the 31st project in the current LEGO Ideas review, which will close for submissions (to be replaced by the third 2021 review) in early September. Here’s the full list so far:

The Medieval Fortress
The Apartment 
Minas Tirith 
The Nanny 
Carl’s House 
John’s Medieval Watermill 
Basement & Storage 
Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark 
Knight Rider: KITT and the FLAG Mobile Command Unit 
Outer Solar System Explorers 
Traditional German Cottage 
GameStop Classic Shop 
Airport Firetruck Rosenbauer Panther 8×8 
Aircraft Engine Workshop 
Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine 
Floating Island 
Medieval Harbour 
Brick Walk 
Working Mini Golf Course 
Women of Computing 
The Tavern Under the Snow 
Medieval Tavern  
Boston Dynamics Spot 1:4 Scale Motorized Model  
BTS “Dynamite”  
The Costume Store  
A-frame Cabin   
Lifeguard Shack    
Movie Set    
Imperial Island Fort 

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