BrickLink Designer Program creator takes another LEGO Ideas build to 10K

The fan builder behind successful BrickLink Designer Program set The Mountain Windmill has reached the LEGO Ideas review stage yet again with a pan-Asian project.

Ideas veteran Harry Finkel’s latest 10K model The Riverside Scholars depicts a seat of learning around a brick-built waterfall. It’s a relatively compact build, appearing to be constructed on a 32×32 baseplate. Notable features of the build include an observatory tower, comfy chairs and an extensive library. Three minifigures are included in the design, along with a chicken and plenty of greenery.

Round windows, straw hats and railing pieces suggest some influence from Asian cultures. As such, the set would be a fine companion to the NINJAGO and Monkie Kid lines. Each of these draws inspiration from Asian culture and art, to a greater or lesser extent.

Even with that alignment in subject matter, it remains to be seen if this set will arrive on shelves. Competition has become increasingly fierce in the LEGO Ideas theme; while more and more sets are entering the review stage, only one or two typically make it out each time.


Harry is no stranger to LEGO Ideas, however, having previously taken multiple projects to the review stage. His Mountain Windmill is currently available to purchase in the second round of crowdfunding for the BrickLink Designer Program, which gives rejected LEGO Ideas projects a second lease of life.

He’ll no doubt be hoping this is the project that finally gets him on to LEGO Store shelves – but he’s up against some similarly brilliant models in the third 2021 review. Here’s the full list as it stands at the moment:

The Riverside Scholars
Pirate Tavern
Baba Yaga
LEGO Ghibli
Soyuz Rocket
The Meeting Point
Downtown Records
Castle Outpost
Steampunk Explorers
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 99th Precinct
LEGO Rubik’s Cube (Working)
The LEGO Emergency Box
James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Motorised Johnny 5
Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop – 20th Anniversary
Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sister’s Cottage – Updated
The Dojo
Clockwork Solar System
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Avatar Returns
Hyrule Castle 30th Anniversary
Great Coral Reef
Land Ahoy

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