Classic LEGO Pirates port makes it into second 2022 LEGO Ideas review

We’ve already had one Pirates model in LEGO Ideas but a new project in the second 2022 review is proposing a second in the future. 

It seems that 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay wasn’t enough LEGO Pirates for LEGO Ideas user BrickHammer as their Armada Port project has managed to reach the second 2022 review round. This project depicts an island port controlled by the Imperial Armada, one of the factions from LEGO Pirates. 

The picturesque setting is built on terrain featuring a cave, a sloping hill and sheer cliff faces. Despite this, the Imperial Armada has made the island into a port complete with a pier, residential house, storehouse and the fort itself. 

The fort includes the fully-furnished governor’s house and a bastion to ward off pirates, leaving enough room to pose the four minifigures, three parrots and the monkey. 

This is the 38th project in the second 2022 LEGO Ideas review, and you can see the rest of the proposed models that will be judged by the team at LEGO Ideas by clicking on any of the links below: 

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